Idk Man, Just Ideas and Stuff


So I have some ideas about what I want to do for this multi modality project but no real set goals in mind. It all really has to do with if I have the time and capability to pull any of my ideas off.

One of my first ideas was to make a first person perspective video using a GoPro and creating something like this or at least the execution of it. I was thinking of incorporating something like a video game inventory that the “player” could pull up and use “tools” to solve different kinds of problems. Could even do just a day in the life of a student or through the eyes of a student as well and incorporate certain ideas from different readings that we’ve read through the semester. It just sort of depends if I plan everything out well enough.

Another idea was to make a type of board game based off a lot of the ideas around multi modality and what students can do with it. I was thinking of using certain games like PandemicHarbour, and/or others as an inspirations and a basis for some of the game play elements that I would want to incorporate. (Videos are kind of long but the first few minutes show how the game is played).

My idea was for this to be a game in which there are four players or four students and their job is to cooperate together to complete a final class assignment and to use different skill sets, strategies, and tools to accomplish that. The idea would be to have certain cards that would pose hindrances, challenges, or be helpful or hurtful items that could be used to take on the big assignment. That was just one of the things that came to mind of a type of game I could possibly make.

I was also thinking about simply making a simple video game myself using something like RPG maker or the like but what it would be about I’m not sure plus there is the difficulty of trying to code everything and the issue of time. Like the board game idea, I was thinking of following a similar approach but it would be a more individual experience rather than a collaborative one.  
Obviously I won’t be able to do all of these but these were just some of the things that have been running through my brain.

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  1. Ashley
    April 15, 2017 at 1:51 am

    “Ideas are always the start of something great.” -by someone in history probably
    So I think your ideas are really good starts! I definitely like your first idea best just because that is something so new and different. You could definitely do something cool with it and mix in a day in the life of a student along with the readings like the choices you get to make when you interact with an object could be like first option is something stupid next is something generic then the last one could be an idea or such from our readings? I don’t know if that makes total sense sorry. My next favorite is the board game one. I love board games and they do NOT get enough appreciation! It would be pretty cool to see what you came up for that one especially with the whole four student and different skills aspect of it. But whatever you pick I’m sure it will be awesome!

  2. Ashley
    April 18, 2017 at 3:43 am

    Okay so I randomly thought of this but for the idea of making a first person perspective video maybe it could be easier (like you have some already basic background and ability to create the background and to cater the environment to the goal) to use Minecraft maybe? I know it is pretty old school but the ability to create a custom world could be useful? Obviously you can totally scrap this idea I just thought I’d put it out there since school is getting pretty stressful and busy around this time, it could save you time.

    • Marie Cuenca
      Marie Cuenca
      April 19, 2017 at 12:18 pm

      Thanks you for the suggestions! I’ll definitely take them into consideration

  3. kjaxon
    April 24, 2017 at 11:17 am

    You know I like both of these ideas a lot: first person video or board game. Role playing game for future mentors? Thanks for always bringing the awesome to projects.

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