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👴🏻 Multimodal Project 👴🏻

So this was easily the least upsetting assignment I’ve had all semester. Putting it together was actually pretty enjoyable and I learned how to use quite a few programs & apps that I was previously unfamiliar with. Also first video I’ve ever edited, so that was fun! Here’s the process I went through, which probably would have gone more smoothly… Read more →

Multi-Modal Project

It’s funny because whenever I’m in class or talk to Kim/classmates and then leave class, I feel so confident in my multi-modal project and what I’ve learned thus far (no, but seriously, this has to be one of the most enlightening English classes I’ve taken [also the only one I’ve taken but still…]). And then, I get back to my… Read more →

Project for Understanding Multimodality

So, while there were a lot of different avenues and approaches I could have taken with my multimodality project, I wanted what I chose to be most aligned with some sort of practical application to my internship. Being that multimodality, at least to me, is a complex enough topic that there are a number of different opinions and perspectives on its… Read more →