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Multi-Modal Project

It’s funny because whenever I’m in class or talk to Kim/classmates and then leave class, I feel so confident in my multi-modal project and what I’ve learned thus far (no, but seriously, this has to be one of the most enlightening English classes I’ve taken [also the only one I’ve taken but still…]). And then, I get back to my… Read more →

Project for Understanding Multimodality

So, while there were a lot of different avenues and approaches I could have taken with my multimodality project, I wanted what I chose to be most aligned with some sort of practical application to my internship. Being that multimodality, at least to me, is a complex enough topic that there are a number of different opinions and perspectives on its… Read more →

Fantastic! You’ve Used all the Bits, but Your Multimodal Project is in Another Box   Some of you may not have heard, but my original idea for this project was to create a Reassembler-type vlog where I assemble a Lego Technic Race Kart (#freeplugparty) whilst talking you through it. The idea was to show what it is really like to build something of moderate complexity, and possibly impart some interest unto you. When… Read more →