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A Grass from the Past

4/15/17   After going to conversation hour at the ESL center, dying eggs with all the amazing people who work there and who visit to work on their conversation I had the opportunity to chat with Johnny Yang a little bit about this project. He’s going to let us take over next friday to run the workshop, and things are… Read more →

Abby Normal

    I’m intrigued by the idea of Multimodality. In Saundra Wright’s Morphology and Syntax class we looked at a big-time linguist’s book chapter entitled The Language Mavens. The chapter was about a group of prescriptivist grammar-zealots who spend a lot of their time policing the grammar of others, and pitching a tried and true, “get off my lawn” tip argument that… Read more →

Multimodal Drift

Update 2:03 After hoping through every hoop imaginable this is the best I can do so far…. now why dafuq does the video cover so much area? Anyway, this user-friendly experience brought to you by digital-gremlins, “You might not be flying a plane, but you can still feel crashed and burnt.” Cheers, enjoy the rest of the post.    … Read more →

Fear and Loathing at Chico State

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly” – Frida Kahlo “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” – Malcolm X Fear and Loathing at Chico State (draft) In the Western imagination we seem to have a fetish for dividing the world’s history into a series of well defined goal-posts. In elementary… Read more →

Not in a Galaxy Far Far Away

  I get worried about leading the people we’re helping towards the answers and styles we think constitute “good” writing. Just coming from my own experiences there’s always a point in a class where I discover if I’m going to be able to say what I think without restraint, or if there is a way of thinking I’m going to… Read more →


“I know abuela’s never really gonna win the lottery/ So it’s up to me to draw blood with this pen, hit an artery/ This Puerto Rican’s brains are leakin through the speakers and if he can be the shining beacon this side of the GWB and shine a light when it’s grey out…” -Lin-Manuel Miranda     For some people… Read more →

Language 7s: Is it time to upgrade

  From section 1.3: “The expression of meanings in writing makes them more visible to the writer, making the writer’s thoughts clearer and sharable with others, who can attempt to make sense of the words, constructing a meaning they attribute to the writer. While writers can confirm that the written words feel consistent with their state of mind, readers can… Read more →

Literacy in the Wild

Hi, My name is David Puerner, and this is my 3rd semester at Chico State (though I love and hate to admit it I’ve got the 6-year associates from Butte college… and you’re absolutely right, there is no such thing strictly speaking). I love English as a study because it has afforded me the ability to articulate a variety of… Read more →