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We will our work in a Currents Community to share our fieldnotes, respond to others’ ideas, and discuss readings. *Remember to log in to your Chico State Google first; once logged in, click link here.


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Welcome to English 431: Theory & Practice in Tutoring Composition
Fall 2020

We acknowledge and are mindful that CSU, Chico stands on lands that were originally occupied by the first people of this area, and we recognize the Mechoopda and their distinctive spiritual relationship with this land and the waters that run through campus. We are humbled that our campus resides upon sacred lands that once sustained the Mechoopda people for centuries.


photo of cat by the computerDr. Kim Jaxon
Office: like everyone right now…in my home.
Office hours: I check email all the time, so feel free to email. If we can’t resolve something over email, then we can find a time that works for you to chat via Zoom.
Email: kjaxon@csuchico.edu  (best way to reach me)
Email for sharing Google Docs: kjaxon@mail.csuchico.edu
Twitter: @drjaxon

 Course Description & Objectives

Welcome everyone! English 431 offers training and experience in the tutoring of writing. Paid positions in our English 130 writing program (also known as freshman composition) require successful completion of this course. English 431 provides an introduction to theories and practices of writing instruction and is a recommended prerequisite for English 634: Teaching Academic Writing, the graduate course for teachers of English 130: Academic Writing.

While the course is closely connected to our first year writing program, particularly English 130: Academic Writing, we will think about our work in the spaces where writing happens as cases that help us explore concepts in teaching and learning related to writing instruction.

One unit of this four-unit course is a practicum, which requires you to intern in a jumbo section workshop (I’ll share the schedule with you so you can find a workshop time that best fits your schedule).  This practicum experience provides a rich resource for us to explore how to mentor student writing.

English 431 provides professional experience in writing instruction: as a mentor to freshmen and other undergraduates in the University, you now have a teaching and mentoring role at Chico State. I look forward to you joining our writing community.

Texts & Materials

  • All readings are available as links or pdf.
  • Y’all will need to be on the internet. Reach out if I can help in any way to connect you to campus’ resources for devices and wifi access. Happy to help.
  • We’ll use two platforms for our work together:
    • Currents Communities: Currents is the place where we’ll share our fieldnotes and other writing. You’ll need to log in with your Chico State credentials since Currents is not available for single gmail accounts.
    • Persusall:  Perusall allows us to read together and create shared annotations. Once you create an account on the site, you’ll join our class’ readings with our course code: JAXON-WJS9Q.
    • A note about Data ethics: I take the privacy and security of student data seriously. Here is a helpful link to information about Google’s privacy policies. You can find links to manage your activity and stay informed about the way Google uses your information. The Currents Community is private within the Chico State domain and is not accessible to people outside our Chico State community. Link to Perusall’s privacy statement here. I do not track user information on my WordPress site and you will not need to log in to use.

Organization of the Course

 Our weeks are structured by three interconnected threads:

  • Weekly internship sessions: you’ll create fieldnotes, pose problems of practice, and problem solve as we think about your work with students and student writing.
  • Readings that facilitate our understanding of these structures, activities, and participation modes.
  • Writing related to teaching and learning, particularly in connection to working with students and writing.

Our purpose is to use the course and internships to think about larger concepts in teaching and learning as it relates to writing.


  • Weekly fieldnotes & response to partners   25%
  • Annotations of readings & Quote Gathering   20%
  • Being Tutored Essay   15%
  • What I know so far… paper   20%
  • Resource Gathering: Support for Writers   10%
  • Amplifying first-year writing project   5%
  • Reflection  5%

(90-100% A, 80-89% B, 70-70% C, etc)

Campus Support & Resources

Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live is urged to contact the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry. Furthermore, please notify me if you are comfortable in doing so. This will enable me to provide any resources that I may possess. You can find many, many campus resources HERE too. Please reach out: I am here to help.

Americans with Disabilities Act

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability or chronic illness, or if you need to make special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible, or see me during office hours. Please also contact Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) as they are the designated department responsible for approving and coordinating reasonable accommodations and services for students with disabilities. ARC will help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide you further assistance with requesting and arranging accommodations.

Confidentiality and Mandatory Reporting

As a Chico State professor, one of my responsibilities is to help create a safe learning environment for Chico State students.  It is my goal that you feel able to share information related to your life experiences in classroom discussions, in your written work, and in our one-on-one meetings. I will seek to keep information you share private to the greatest extent possible.  However, I am required to share information regarding sexual misconduct with the University.

Students may speak to someone confidentially by contacting the Counseling and Wellness Center (898-6345) or Safe Place (898-3030).  Information about campus reporting obligations and other Title IX related resources are available here: www.csuchico.edu/title-ix


Information and support for Dreamers and allies (created by Dr. Hannah Burdette in ILLC)