English 431: Theory & Practice in Tutoring Composition

Spring 2015

My mistake….

In the confusion of all of the readings that I was scrambling to complete, I had made the mistake of posting about the wrong reading.  I had just noticed after I was reviewing my post, I have decided to leave the post up to remind myself that no matter how much I have to do, sometimes it is best to… Read more →


Fashionably late

I am Jedidiah. I was born in Iowa and moved to CA by myself when I was 19. I lived in my car for a couple weeks until I found a job, then one thing lead to another and -BOOM!- 13 years later I wandered into this class. I have done a lot of interesting things in those 13 years… Read more →

Wenger and Forward reading

One of the quotes that caught my attention from Wenger’s article was on pg. 4, concerning the the nature of knowledge. It was her second point that made me stop and think for a moment about how knowledge can be defined “Knowledge is a matter of competence with respect to valued enterprises- such as singing in tune, discovering scientific facts,… Read more →

Laura Hass:Commentary on a Passage from Wenger Intro

I think Wenger’s theory of learning is interesting in that he or she believes that learning is all encompassing and it does not stop nor end. I agree that human beings are learning constantly in every environment we are thrown into. Wenger writes, “A key implication of our attempts to organize learning is that we must become reflective with regard… Read more →