“I hate writing. I love having written.” ― Dorothy Parker

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Let’s make…

Some ways we could play with representing what we’ve learned: Jot down key terms you remember being associated with the readings Write a paragraph: what I learned in 431. Create a tweet. 140 characters. Create a mind map Draw what you’ve learned Read more →

Questions for Baron by Michael Van Steyn

I. How has technology changed written language according to Baron? 1. With the expanding march of technology the act of writing has become much easier and more regulated.  How will this affect learning of students in the future? 2. With more immediate regulation of writing, such as spell check , ect, how will it change the way we communicate?  Will… Read more →

Questions for Baron by JD Richgels

I). What are ‘technologies’ that Baron is referring to? 1). What does Baron mean by technologies and what do they offer in the forms of literacy, or how can they be used to either empower literacy, or stunt it? 2). What are these “stages of technology”, and how do they allow access to students, or in what way do these… Read more →

Questioning Kress by Liz Picard

What is a Mode? 1. What is a mode and how does it function in communication of meaning? How does this change in different cultures/environments? 2. What role do different parts of a mode (signs, semiotic resources) play in understanding?   What is Multimodality? 1. What is the focus/end goal of multimodality and how does can it change depending on the audience and… Read more →