“I hate writing. I love having written.” ― Dorothy Parker


Example weekly response

From Lisa: Summary of Szwed’s “The Ethnography of Literacy” Szwed begins by discussing the importance of literacy in today’s society. We hold literacy as a necessary tool of the modern day. It is viewed as being necessary in reaching for “success” or creating social mobility. In fact, many people perceive illiteracy as a “root of poverty.” Szwed then goes on… Read more →

Blog 1 (First impressions)

Hey all, my name is Jason and I’m an English Education major with an emphasis on linguistics.  I’d eventually like to teach high school English to start with, though I’m seriously considering teaching English as a second language overseas, specifically in Asia.  During my time in the Navy I lived in Japan for about four years and had many opportunities… Read more →


From Liz P

           My name is Elizabeth Picard, but Liz is more than sufficient for everyday purposes. My story, simply put, is that I was born and raised in Chico. I have lived here for all 21.5 years of my life, save about 9 months while I attended Corban University in Oregon. I have a myriad of hobbies, including sewing, horseback riding, cooking,… Read more →


Hi guys! Sorry about the late intro post, it’s really been a rough weekend. Anyways! I’m Chelsea Gallegos, and i’m a first year transfer student from Stockton, Ca. I have an AA in English, and another in interdisciplinary studies for humanities. Until very recently, i really didn’t quite know what path I was going to take, but it’s slowly becoming more… Read more →