DIY Final

  I was very much interested in LPP learning so for my final I wanted to try a version LPP for myself. So I learned how to sew a skirt without the help of an expert. I then tracked the process and applied the process to some of the things we went over in class. Some being the ball handling metaphor,… Read more →

Final Project

For my project, I chopped up a five-paragraph essay that I wrote about five-paragraph essays into puzzle pieces. I then chopped up another copy of it into individual words. The process was actually very cathartic, because I hated that essay. I then had participants play with both sets and tell me about their experience with them. The puzzle was generally… Read more →

Final Multimodal Project

Part 1: The Video Tice Multimodal Essay Part 2: The Colosseum   The Script: What is written on the Dominos   What I am trying to say is that while I am not a fan of the essay and I think the essay as a whole needs to retire or die . . . I would consider an alternative to… Read more →

Take aways

431 has been a really relevant class for me so far. I feel like it’s one of my first classes that I’m learning how to be a teacher. One thing I really like that we talked about in class is responding to a memo all at once as opposed to vague comments written on an essay. One thing I hated… Read more →

Multimodal Project

When talking about our multimodal project in class, I was struck with the idea of combining both the initial presentation as well as the thought process write up that relates to the project. By approaching the project in a manner that emulates a “stream of consciousness,” I hope to give insight into not only the topic at hand, but how… Read more →

Multimodal project

One of my favorite things about multimodality is that have control. Students get to chose how the want to present the ideas they have learned. Whether it be an essay, a video, a vlog the students have control over the process, materials, what they make. I thought that multimodality included some form of technology, but it more about the freedom.… Read more →

(Kory) Between Two Ferns: campy, low-budget goodness

For the final project, I’m currently toying with the idea of doing something similar to Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. If you’re not familiar with these YouTube videos, they’re comedic interviews between Zach and famous people such as President Obama, Justin Beiber, Brad Pitt, and Bradley Cooper. Zach asks ridiculous questions and makes passive aggressive remarks throughout the videos,… Read more →

Last one! Last one!!

When I look back on this class and review the variety of readings, I come to the conclusion that even though each article was uniquely different, they all connected in one way or another. For the most part, they each had a central point of how writing SHOULDN’T be taught, which I completely agree with. Creating an environment of routine, students… Read more →

The End is Near

Projects and papers and tests, oh my! It’s a month until school is over and of course all the big projects are left for the very end. I guess it could be worse though. I have this love/hate relationship with projects. They’re fun but they’re also a pain. With this multimodal project I still don’t know if I want to… Read more →

My brain hurts…

It’s almost the end of April. And I’m struggling. I know many of you are also struggling, but hang in there! The end is near! With the multi-modal project looming over my head, I feel overwhelmed. With all of this new found freedom I have been given to express my thoughts I don’t know what to do! I want the… Read more →

Written Text Example for Multimodality

The project I have in mind is in favor of multi-modal use of technology to enhance the original point of the written text and I believe it is important in order for the point to be without question and perfectly clear, as many modes should be in play as/if possible. The idea is not without a question of the original… Read more →

The Last Post

I’d like to start this out by stating how legitimately surprised I am that this semester has gone by so fast. What the heck? I’m sure this is a twisted metaphor for life and all that, but it’s far too late at night for me to go there. For the final project I plan on teaming up with Steven and… Read more →