“I hate writing. I love having written.” ― Dorothy Parker


I was kind of stumped on this blog for a while. I’m not necessarily unstumped, but I think it’s time to just write anyways.  Read more →


Take aways

431 has been a really relevant class for me so far. I feel like it’s one of my first classes that I’m learning how to be a teacher. One thing I really like that we talked about in class is responding to a memo all at once as opposed to vague comments written on an essay. One thing I hated… Read more →

Multimodal Project

When talking about our multimodal project in class, I was struck with the idea of combining both the initial presentation as well as the thought process write up that relates to the project. By approaching the project in a manner that emulates a “stream of consciousness,” I hope to give insight into not only the topic at hand, but how… Read more →

Multimodal project

One of my favorite things about multimodality is that have control. Students get to chose how the want to present the ideas they have learned. Whether it be an essay, a video, a vlog the students have control over the process, materials, what they make. I thought that multimodality included some form of technology, but it more about the freedom.… Read more →