“I hate writing. I love having written.” ― Dorothy Parker

DIY Final

  I was very much interested in LPP learning so for my final I wanted to try a version LPP for myself. So I learned how to sew a skirt without the help of an expert. I then tracked the process and applied the process to some of the things we went over in class. Some being the ball handling metaphor,… Read more →

Final Project

For my project, I chopped up a five-paragraph essay that I wrote about five-paragraph essays into puzzle pieces. I then chopped up another copy of it into individual words. The process was actually very cathartic, because I hated that essay. I then had participants play with both sets and tell me about their experience with them. The puzzle was generally… Read more →


Final Multimodal Project

Part 1: The Video Tice Multimodal Essay Part 2: The Colosseum   The Script: What is written on the Dominos   What I am trying to say is that while I am not a fan of the essay and I think the essay as a whole needs to retire or die . . . I would consider an alternative to… Read more →