“I hate writing. I love having written.” ― Dorothy Parker


Being an Expert… Or Not

I found a lot of Bartholome’s arguments in “Inventing the University” to be valid, even if I found the paper to be super boring. I mostly wanted to focus on the idea of authority in writing. This is something I have struggled with a lot in my own writing, the feeling that I’m not enough of an authority on a… Read more →


BARF-olomae ;)

The Bartholomae article brought up many valid points which relate to the workshops of English 30. Although this reading was particularly painful to read, I found it easy to tie together the article and the internship. As discussed in class, Bartholomae states,” I am arguing, then, that a basic writer is not necessarily a writer who makes a lot of… Read more →


from Kory, with love: Maybe more BartholoYOU than BartholoME?

I didn’t hate the article. I even think it made some very valid points about our educational system. Also, DISCLAIMER: I’m going to keep relating the article to ESL because… that’s my jam. I’m looking at it from a perspective more as “English as a language” than “English writing”. Bear with me. I agree that it’s unfair to have unrealistic… Read more →


Bartholomae’s research paper brought to into focus several interesting points about students beginning their college career and what is expected of them when it comes to their scholarly writing skills. Students are expected to be able to achieve higher academic writing right out of high school – and many are not prepared – and learn to take charge of the… Read more →