Holy crap! I am ambivalent on whether I want to write an academic research paper, proposal, or literary journal. Currently, my mind is set to write the academic proposal to potentially use for a graduate writing sample.   Potential Proposal(I will expand): Remedial English courses place students towards unrealistic expectations and beliefs to obtain the basic skills needed to… Read more →

The Five Paragraph Essay Is Awesome! Not!!!

    Wiley’s article demonstrates the irrelevancy of the five-paragraph essay and students are too comfortable and hesitant to change the formulaic writing that was taught to them in secondary education. Students often assume that all writing stems from this format, and continuously use the format throughout their academic careers. Last night, I assisted my sister with her writing assignment.… Read more →

Title goes here…I knew that!

(Topic sentence goes here). OKAY…So as you can clearly see I tried to follow Schaffer visual digram of the formula she provided but I stopped because my blog wasn’t going to be as entertaining to write. In class, we discussed each other’s experiences and thoughts of the 5 body paragraph format. Due to this, I went back to search for some… Read more →


Disclaimer: I really wanted to try to write this blog in the Schaffer format, but I started to get frustrated and continued to just put off the blog and I began feeling nostalgic (and not in a good way) about my high school English classes… Long story short: I’m ditching the Schaffer method while I still can. I remember hating… Read more →

Not in a Galaxy Far Far Away

  I get worried about leading the people we’re helping towards the answers and styles we think constitute “good” writing. Just coming from my own experiences there’s always a point in a class where I discover if I’m going to be able to say what I think without restraint, or if there is a way of thinking I’m going to… Read more →

Basic as hell paragraph format

After reading and discussing Wiley’s article in class, I couldn’t help to agree more that the 5 paragraph essay format is a basic and uncreative way to write.  Im not saying the standard paragraph format isn’t useful in fact it’s a great example on how to help students how to write in the early stages of writing but thats where it ends. The… Read more →

5 P

I was failing freshman English. This was pretty weird for me since I never failed at anything. Also, I constantly read instead of doing things—like, really important assignments and future type goals. So why would I struggle with a class based on reading? Perhaps it’s because I have always hated asking for help, not matter the context. Even if there… Read more →


Do writing robots dream of electric Schaffer? Ah the old five paragraph essay. I have not so fond memories of having to fill in the little worksheets out for all my high school English classes. I felt like a machine just hashing these things out simply for the sake of it.   Writing in this formula felt more like tedious… Read more →

Formulaic Writing and What Creative Writers Do With It

If anyone recalls, I mentioned a creative nonfiction piece that detailed writing a five paragraph essay in the form of a five paragraph essay. Well, I may have misremembered the aforementioned piece. But only slightly. After much searching through the internet universe, I finally found the essay that I had remembered reading for one of Dr. Eggers’ creative writing courses.… Read more →

Interpretative Dance to Show Our Experiences with Writing? Challenge Accepted!

When we discussed Wiley’s “The Popularity of Formulaic Writing (and Why We Need to Resist)” in-class I was very interested in asking my group about their experiences with this horrid “5 paragraph essay” that I have discussed many times in classes but that I myself had never been taught.  I found out that most students who learn the 5 paragraph… Read more →

I Kinda Forgot…

Every day we have millions of thoughts and ideas in our head, and we go through many things in life, that we forget those thoughts and those ideas. Wednesday I had a great idea for this blog…that I totally forgot. Sad. But, I will try my best to make it an interesting vlog. Ha. The five paragraph…that damn burger. I… Read more →