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Currents Community

We will our work in a Currents Community to share our fieldnotes, respond to others’ ideas, and discuss readings. *Remember to log in to your Chico State Google first; once logged in, click link here.


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Resources for Internships in English 130P

To Do early week 2 (before joining workshop on Thursday or Friday):

  • Email mentor (see email links below). You’ll need the Zoom link for your internships this week. Your mentor may also want to touch base with you.
  • Email Dr. Sparks: she can add you to her 130P announcements/updates.
  • Look over the English 130P course website. Watch video on front page and perhaps the video for Week 2.
    • Join the English 130P Currents Community (need to be logged into your Chico State accounts first)
    • Look over their reading for this week: The “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (skim).
  • (Edited 9/1): Once in workshop: take fieldnotes (we’ll talk about this in our Zoom call on Aug 31). SUPPORT FOR FIELD NOTES: LINK HERE
  • Let’s talk about norms/structures
  • If you want: you can join the mentor meetings, which take place Mondays at 4:00. Or you can join a couple of times. We can talk about this.

Fieldnote partners: you’ll give feedback to each other’s notes, comparing what you’re noticing about your sessions.

Lumi and Tabitha
Isaiah and Caleb
Matthew and Hannah S
Ceaira and Paytyn
Alaina and Hannah May

Context: “Epic Learning in a ‘Jumbo’ Writing Class” (you commented in Perusall)

Website: *Dr. Laura Sparks English 130P Course (Dr. Sparks email: lsparks@csuchico.edu)

Week 2 Plan here, which includes a link to join their Currents Community too.

Email from Dr. Sparks to her class on Sunday (8/30):

Hello, Engl 130ers!

Congrats on a successful first week of the semester! I hope everything went smoothly, but if not, we’re all here to help you work out any hiccups. The Workshop Leaders and I have loved meeting you on Zoom this past week – we were so impressed by your smart questions and ideas! If you haven’t checked out one another’s intro posts yet, please do so; add a comment or two to say “hi” and let your classmates know you’re paying attention. (And if Currents is still giving you trouble, let us know!)

You’ll typically receive an email from me on Mondays, but I figure since your Week 2 Post is due Monday, I’d reach out today, see how you’re doing, and make sure you know our Week 2 Intro video is now posted in Week 2 of the schedule.

You’ve likely noticed that our focus is on human rights: what they are, what we think they should be, how others talk about them, and how we can use our voices to amplify human rights issues that matter to us and our communities. With that in mind, in Week 2 you’re invited you to share your own ideas about human rights in your Week 2 Post, as well as read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In workshop later in the week, you’ll talk about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and even do some editing to make the document more timely, accessible, and relevant to a contemporary global audience.

A few reminders…

1. We’re starting Curation Teams this week, so if you haven’t already, check out the Curation Team description (link to all assignments HERE). Being a Curator is your opportunity to notice and write about the amazing work your peers are doing!

2. If you decide to keep your camera off at any point during our Zoom meetings, please use textual cues to connect with your workshop members. The chat is probably the easiest way to do this. Since we can’t see you nod your head or wave, consider using the chat or other reaction icons to respond to and acknowledge other people’s questions or ideas.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. I’m always happy to chat with you about any aspect of the course or college life – I know these are strange times we live in!

All best,
Dr. Sparks

Intern & Mentor Teams (with mentor email)