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Do writing robots dream of electric Schaffer? Ah the old five paragraph essay. I have not so fond memories of having to fill in the little worksheets out for all my high school English classes. I felt like a machine just hashing these things out simply for the sake of it.   Writing in this formula felt more like tedious… Read more →

The Complexity of Writing Is Over 9000

*Insert terrible DragonBall Z joke here* Moving past these overused jokes and memes, Thinking back on my own writing through school, I could recall this particular moment in my freshman year in high school where I was completely lost on the kind of writing structure that my English teacher had wanted us to write in. Having just transferred out in the middle… Read more →

I Tried.jpg

(Pictured here is me internally screaming inside as I try to figure this all out.)   Ok, I’m going to try (emphasis on try) to take a stab at this whole theory of writing thing, so please bear with me as I try to get my thoughts together. The Metaconcept reading brought up a lot of good points about this… Read more →