Author: Alec Pantaleoni

A Lesson in Reflection

It has occurred to me that a number of people in this forum agree on the same thing: that Kate’s essay was unfairly graded. She was following her instructor’s instructions to a T but still received a poor grade along with some rude comments. Thus, we have a problem. Do teachers want essays, or facsimiles? I have mentioned before the… Read more →

A Theory

Written language is an entirely human creation. From the first stone carvings on a cave wall to the text on display before you, only the human species could devise such a complicated system of communication. Communication is my theory of writing. Allow me to explain: When wise men recorded observations in nature or their own psyche, they at first wrote… Read more →


Hello. If I didn’t make it clear in class, my name is Alec and I like to think I am the most boring man in the world. Apart from James May, obviously. I kid, but do not mistake my silence as coldness. Autistic people tend to not do well surrounded by strangers. As such, unless we are otherwise familiar with… Read more →