Author: Alec Pantaleoni

Fantastic! You’ve Used all the Bits, but Your Multimodal Project is in Another Box   Some of you may not have heard, but my original idea for this project was to create a Reassembler-type vlog where I assemble a Lego Technic Race Kart (#freeplugparty) whilst talking you through it. The idea was to show what it is really like to build something of moderate complexity, and possibly impart some interest unto you. When… Read more →

A Lesson in Reflection

It has occurred to me that a number of people in this forum agree on the same thing: that Kate’s essay was unfairly graded. She was following her instructor’s instructions to a T but still received a poor grade along with some rude comments. Thus, we have a problem. Do teachers want essays, or facsimiles? I have mentioned before the… Read more →

A Theory

Written language is an entirely human creation. From the first stone carvings on a cave wall to the text on display before you, only the human species could devise such a complicated system of communication. Communication is my theory of writing. Allow me to explain: When wise men recorded observations in nature or their own psyche, they at first wrote… Read more →


Hello. If I didn’t make it clear in class, my name is Alec and I like to think I am the most boring man in the world. Apart from James May, obviously. I kid, but do not mistake my silence as coldness. Autistic people tend to not do well surrounded by strangers. As such, unless we are otherwise familiar with… Read more →