👴🏻 Multimodal Project 👴🏻

So this was easily the least upsetting assignment I’ve had all semester. Putting it together was actually pretty enjoyable and I learned how to use quite a few programs & apps that I was previously unfamiliar with. Also first video I’ve ever edited, so that was fun!

Here’s the process I went through, which probably would have gone more smoothly if I had planned it out: 1. Drew crappy slow-moving picture “animation” in Animation Desk program (laptop) with digital drawing tablet 2. Saved it to my desktop 3. Wrote a summary/explanation/not-really-sure-what-anymore in the undeletable Notes app on my tablet 4. Took a pic of it and cropped it 5. Emailed it to myself 6. Put the video and image on a track in WeVideo 7. Found some elevator music, hold music, and school music on YouTube 8. Used a voice recorder app on my phone to record the sound as it played through my tablet (seriously didn’t attempt to figure out a simpler way for some reason) 9. Played this from my phone as it recorded through the laptop mic 10. Copy & pasted the summary thing from Notes and texted it to myself 11. Copy & pasted it into the Text to Speech app and chose the cool British Daniel voice to read it 12. Put those sounds into tracks for music and voice over in WeVideo 13. Decided to go back to Animation Desk and add a short, vaguely creepy quick and awful animation at the end 14. Saved this to my desktop 15. Emailed it to myself as a Doc 16. Used GDrive to save that to my camera roll. The end, but I probably skipped something.

Almost everything in this super weird video with preschool-quality drawings was included for a reason. I chose this elevator music because it seems as though such sounds almost slow time, like you’re waiting on something. In this, it’s kind of boring and you can’t wait for it to be over. This, to me, is similar to a class that is unnecessary and doesn’t accomplish any realistic goals. You just want it to be over, hoping for time to move more quickly each class. The kids’ song, “This is the Way We Go to School,” or something to that effect, was chosen for potentially obvious reasons; taking FYC and other courses that often don’t transfer the required skills of specific majors or occupations is “just the way it’s done.” That song is all about “how” to do things, but it never actually tells you how, or perhaps more importantly, why. Why is this the way we go to school? Why is this the way we do anything?

I mostly relied on Hall’s “Some ‘Givens” for this. I wanted to use each of his “Givens” originally (and call it The 25 Commandments or something), but holy crap there are so many.

Anyway, good luck out there~