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Final Multi Modal Project: Board Game

Final Multi Modal Project: Board Game

Sorry this was really late, but I had to go back and fix a lot of the cards for the game. Of course, I’m sure I wasn’t able to catch all of them so forgive me if any grammatical errors ( or otherwise) made it past me.


Anyway here it is.

PDF of the rules: TheLastYear

PDF of the cards and the board: you can get them here

–I set up a wordpress site for the game. It’s a pretty bare bones but it works for the most part. The post on How to Play is password protected so if you want to refer to it on the wordpress site for whatever reason, you can just type in: eng431

There are no capitals or spaces in the password. This will most likely be the password for all future posts if there happens to be any. The PDFs for the cards and board game aren’t password protected so feel free to just download them.


I’m glad that the few who got to try it had fun with the game I made. For those who didn’t get the chance to, I’ve compiled the rules and all the main components ready for you to use.

The rules are kind of a long read and I would understand if anyone wouldn’t want to read all of them, but I tried to explain and cover what I thought was necessary to know how to be able to play.

It’s not a difficult game to pick up. I tried to streamline it in a way that would be easy to understand and be able to play in a short amount of time. If you’e played games like Munchkin then you’ve got somewhat of a head start since Munchkin was a big influence for this project. If you haven’t played Munchkin before, don’t worry. The game I made is it’s own thing and you aren’t required to have played the games that influenced my game to play it.


That said, if you do have any issues or the rules are confusing or whatever, feel free to contact me through the wordpress site I set up specifically for the game. The contact info is available at the bottom of the homepage.

Other than the rules and the printouts, all you’ll need is a pair of two 6 sided dice for each player and you’re ready to roll.

I hope you guys have fun with it.

It’s been a great semester and I learned a lot in this class.

Good luck with any remaining finals and I wish you all an amazing summer.

-Marie C. ヾ(・ω・。)シ

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