Writing Instruction is Like a Box of Chocolates

I have gone through so many ideas of things that I want to incorporate in my final project it’s getting to the point where I just need to write some of this shit out before my head explodes [in a good way] : ) I came to the conclusion I would like to create a project that is essentially me persuading myself and other future English 130I instructors to do an Inquiry Project, rather than doing an Inquiry Paper.  From the beginning of thinking about what I may want to do for the actual project itself I have tried to come up with an idea of something involving baking and bringing treats for the entire class because it is just a great pick-me-up for May.  The one idea I think would work best for all that I hope to do with this project is a bit weird but I think it could work.  

I want to make a box with individual sections for different baked goods that can represent ideas in English 431 we have read and discussed, kind of like a box of chocolates.  I was originally thinking I could do a piece of paper or cover sheet on the top that explains what each thing is and all the connections like a box of chocolates would have but thought there wouldn’t be enough room to do that on one piece of paper so I would need to have each baked good have it’s own piece of paper.  However, now I am thinking I could do the longer explanations for each thing as a Google Doc or even create a website because my new plan is to have the website or Google Doc link somehow included on the box or cover sheet.  One idea I have for a baked good I could use to represent an idea from the course is sweet energy balls that would represent Russell’s “Activity Theory” and the idea that there are varying forms of participation for every writing activity in 130.

Possible Timeline:

Monday, 4.17: Pass around a piece of paper in-class where my classmates can write if they have any dietary or allergy specific needs.

Friday, 4.21: Have a good list of the baked goods I am making and how they represent ideas and things I have learned in 431 that possibly convince me to use a multimodal project in English 130.

Monday, 4.24: The box should be finished by now so that I can focus on either the website or Google Doc I am using for the explanations.  I was thinking of using the articles from 431 I actually printed out to decorate the outside of the box but I will also need to spruce it up somehow as well.

Friday, 5.5: All the explanations need to be finished by this date so I can begin baking.

Monday, 5.8: I think it would be best for me to present my project on Monday rather than Wednesday so that I can do my baking over the weekend and the goods will still be the yummiest they can be.

  2 comments for “Writing Instruction is Like a Box of Chocolates

  1. kjaxon
    April 10, 2017 at 9:07 am

    yaassss! What about a QR code on the top?? That would take people to a document or the website?

    It will be so much fun to think about representing ideas through baking. I’ve always thought about making sugar cookies cut out like birds for Stommel’s Twitter essay. Really cool ideas GInamarie!

    • Ginamarie Wallace
      April 10, 2017 at 10:56 am

      Oh man, a QR code is a great idea!

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