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Multimodal Project Idea

So after a few drinks with Elisa the other day I was pretty sold on the idea of making a Zine. However, after a slight amount of thought, I thought I could do something more fun using that as an idea. So here I present that idea, and expect great praise when it is completed. Essentially a zine has similar… Read more →

For more on balls, click here.

“Like the handling of balls, the writing of genres is “generalizable” to the extent that written text is handled in similarly ways for similar object(ive)s. A person who can write a footnote in a history paper may find it easier to learn to write a footnote in a chemistry paper than a person who has never written a footnote (though… Read more →

Hey Listen!

  So here is my spiel on this whole Theory of Writing thing we’ve been discussing in class. But before we discuss that I need to make two points: For starters I am not well read enough to make any claims of worth in this matter. Secondly disregard that last point for I am pretty sure reading is linked in… Read more →