All the Prompts and Nothing More.

I’m pretty late on this one, which is silly because it has been a completed draft since Wednesday. I forgot to upload it. Anyways, here we are.


I guess I’ll start this blog with talking about the prompt and see how side tracked I can get. Basically I am all for using one’s knowledge to cheat the school system. C’s get degrees and I will stand by that till the end of me. I see very little correlation between college and actual working, so in my opinion cheating your way through college saves time and stress. Now I understand the argument, there is no creativity, no sense of analysis, and all those bad things. Honestly, if school allows you to beat the system, then it’s not doing a good job in promoting the things they want from students. Also a lot of school has no application to most peoples dream jobs, so if you can have a tool to bypass all the dumb classes we are forced to take during general education classes, well I think that is pretty cool.

That being said, I think this is something hard to do for say ESL center students. If you are still learning the language, and haven’t been to an American learning institution before, well I think you’re stuck up a creek with no paddle. You won’t know that reading a teacher is a key skill in American college.  In my tutoring session at the ESL center one student had a personal narrative assignment. Instead of using a real memory he totally lied about the whole scenario and had trouble making up all the details. When the tutor and I tried to give him ideas of where he could add some details, it proved to be extremely hard for him to do so. For us native speakers fudging a few details would seem natural, but was hard for him.

For the essay I really think I am going to do the proposal of an application of the articles we have learned in a Japanese classroom. There are many differences that exist between the Japanese schooling system and American, and exploring these and my potential to change the existing classroom expectations in Japan seem like a fitting way to apply what we have learned and relate it to my potential future job. I’m sure it will be more exciting than maybe I am leading you to believe, but I am actually pretty pumped to look up information on it. Hmmm, I feel bad because I usually have much more to say than this but unfortunately I have not much left to say so with this, adios.

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  1. Destiny Valencia
    Destiny Valencia
    February 27, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Short and sweet as I would say.

    I was surprised as well to find your blog up so late in the game. However, you still make some good points. I feel like being in the ESL center will help us both out in really finding out what it is to teach Japanese students.

    I like your idea for your paper sounds like you have a pretty solid thing you want to write about!

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