Multimodal Project Idea

So after a few drinks with Elisa the other day I was pretty sold on the idea of making a Zine. However, after a slight amount of thought, I thought I could do something more fun using that as an idea. So here I present that idea, and expect great praise when it is completed. Essentially a zine has similar qualities to that popular youtube genre of “draw my life”. So, I figured I would “draw my experience in this class”. However, rather than just adopting that idea, I figured I would combine many different ideas to bring out the experience of the class. Seeing as probably most of us entering this class would find multimodality confusing and difficult, I think there has been progress as a whole of understanding it better, and wanting to use it more. That being said I want to show this evolution in a video. First start in text…then showing that evolve into perhaps the click of a link to show a meme. Then incorporate some music, leading to maybe video to represent vlog responses, and maybe something special to finish it off. Essentially I want to represent our shift as a class toward moving to a more multimodal accepting class.  Just an idea though…

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  1. David Puerner
    David Puerner
    April 6, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    A link to one of the draw my life videos^ for those of you who didn’t know what they were by name.

    That’s a sweet idea! How do you shoot that? You need something to hold a camera up and over the paper, and I guess a camera too?

    Just curious what ideas from class you would want to draw. Could have fun with activity theory!

  2. kjaxon
    April 10, 2017 at 8:54 am

    Love the progression idea…moving from text to other forms. It could be interesting to take one, key idea and see how to represent that idea in various forms. Would be interesting to see how a claim about writing and teaching writing is represented and re-represented in various modes. I like your plan. I can get behind this plan.

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