Project for Understanding Multimodality

So, while there were a lot of different avenues and approaches I could have taken with my multimodality project, I wanted what I chose to be most aligned with some sort of practical application to my internship. Being that multimodality, at least to me, is a complex enough topic that there are a number of different opinions and perspectives on its use and function within academia, I decided to try to be more effective and decisive, both in defining the importance and beneficial use of multimodality in tutoring ESL students, and in how tutors can take advantage of multimodal resources in aide of helping students, whether ESL or not. That is why, simply, what I have been cataloging from my time interning at the ESL Center in in my internship has been a number of different perspectives and ideas for the use of multimodality, and of multimodal resources that can be effective in tutoring. In accordance, my project will also reflect the same through a sort of handbook for what from a tutor’s perspective would be everything multimodality, and what of its place in academia that is most imperative toward that of tutoring. There is still a lot of I’m working through, from websites, correlating different schemas for learning with multimodality, and the different approaches that multimodal resources could be applied and tailored to a number of different individuals and situations in tutoring, but I am making progress, and so far, that has been the sphere of my research and progress for the duration of my project. And up to now with this blog post, I would say that so far, everything has been coming along to the way and need that I have felt  has been necessary for the vision I have of building and composing a useful and worthwhile handbook for tutors and using multimodality.

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  1. kjaxon
    April 24, 2017 at 10:54 am

    This is a cool idea for a project. It would make sense for the handbook to be an online resource, yes? Perhaps create a resource through WordPress, Weebly, or Wix?

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