Author: Austin Dewart

Project for Understanding Multimodality

So, while there were a lot of different avenues and approaches I could have taken with my multimodality project, I wanted what I chose to be most aligned with some sort of practical application to my internship. Being that multimodality, at least to me, is a complex enough topic that there are a number of different opinions and perspectives on its… Read more →

Defining this Thing Known as Multimodality

Being human in our organic selves means that we’re capable of something profound within our brains, which have more connections between their neurons and synapses than any computer, by the way. From the times of thousands of centuries before (25-40k years ago) when cavemen were scrawling their primitive doodling’s by firelight, unto some of the more advanced civilizations that followed as predecessor,… Read more →

Papers…. What to Write?

So there is a lot to take into account with possible tangents of thought that can be made into a thesis, and then developed into a paper for the assignment. Regarding writing and the theory of writing so far from what we’ve read, both from academic sources and discussed in class, is as broad as it can be specific and unique, depending… Read more →

Writing and its Complexity

When I look back at school and think of what I was considered to be ‘good’ at, or where I was most proficient as a student, my English teachers always redirected back to writing. However, I never really felt like I learned much in any of English classes short of maybe how to place a comma in its or it’s, or when… Read more →

Blog 2

Prior to attending CSU, Chico, I never considered English had a major emphasis in courses that followed with curriculum involved in particularly literacy or rhetoric. Though I’m native to literature more than I am in either of these two fields, they twine together conceptually with looking critically at what my own theory of writing is, as a relative, individual schema… Read more →

What is Literacy Again?

In tracking my own literacies I noticed a few things. First, I’m not as connected to my phone or laptop as other students in other classes or around myself can be. However, I tend to use technology as my main facet of academic literacy to guide me through my day and schedule for whatever task or necessitated need of use… Read more →