Last Post… Any ideas? I might have one!

Happy Easter Everyone! It’s a great day to share my ideas and I am so excited! I woke up this morning with a great positive attitude and I hope you guys did too :)

So to be honest, I was having trouble wrapping my head around my final project BUT out of nowhere I started to get all these ideas. Initially, I wanted to do a video. Then, I started to read up on other multi-modality projects and that’s when I thought of a new direction for mine.

I hope my image above gave you a little idea of where I want my project to head. I currently work on the second floor of the library, at the Copy Center. I am not sure if any of you have stopped by but if you haven’t, you should :). Anyways, we have a LARGE variety of multiple colors of paper. We literally have almost a whole wall displaying these beautiful colors. And so I thought… How can I use my resources for my final project? This is the time my idea started to creep up on me and just like that I wanted my project to show all these colors of paper, but how? Then I connected this with… Origami! I have done origami in the past as a stress reliever and I loved it but I’m no expert. So, now I want to use it for my final project and I am not sure how exactly but I will be looking back into our readings and possibly create the key words or make something that represents that reading specifically. For example, a ball for Russell’s piece. I am not completely sure if this will work out but we will see.


P.S Here’s a quick picture I wanted to share of last year :)


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  1. kjaxon
    April 24, 2017 at 10:55 am

    As I mentioned in class, I love this idea. I also can easily imagine you setting up in class and asking students to create origami based on their ideas of reading and/or writing. Maybe they could create their ideal reading and writing space using paper?

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