Papers…. What to Write?

So there is a lot to take into account with possible tangents of thought that can be made into a thesis, and then developed into a paper for the assignment. Regarding writing and the theory of writing so far from what we’ve read, both from academic sources and discussed in class, is as broad as it can be specific and unique, depending on the respective setting, individual, or regard to a specific style or modem of writing. What serves as most relevant to my own self from what we’ve learned unto now at the moment comes from early within the course when we tracked and reviewed our own literacy/ writing practices. I think looking to a specific sphere of degree of just how much technology plays into influence of the respective practices of a student within the classroom, or how the incorporation and use of technology within personal pursuit of academia gives a specific individual access to the resources and means to be more competent of a student than previous generations had lacked of such access may be a worthwhile comparison in terms of the resources for what many of us take for granted as having at our disposal now.

However, within theory of writing and my internship in the ESL center, I also think it would be beneficial to parallel the effect of culture in defining social groups and social practices of students in how they orate and pen their prose, and within the specific varying practices that can follow such. There are some noticeable differences I can think of between how many students within the United States see writing and follow with in use than some of the international and exchange students I’ve met from abroad. Maybe even looking into school culture more specifically in how it is that students engage and learn within a classroom, and twined with literacies studies in composition practices would be another worthwhile route for an essay. Perhaps even comparing and contrasting the given student experiences from Nelson’s “School Culture” with many of the other aforementioned possible prompts in defining student process in academia, and the correlating patterns of habit that follow within both that of curriculum and given specific commonalities of literacy practices to complete such in their defined means could be a possible avenue to build upon.