I Am Really Starting to Dislike Multimodality

It’s not just the word that I hate; I hate the complicated nature surrounding it. I cannot describe how much I despise this multimodality bullshit. Not helping me right now is my very sour mood, but that only allows me to say straight up what I feel about something. As I stated last week, I struggle with change (or maybe I didn’t). I do not like change. Change makes me anxious and neurotic. I have an ironclad way of doing things, and if anybody or anything challenges this system, I resist. Multimodality forces me to move away from this, and I cannot stand it. I am comfortable with assembling a PowerPoint presentation, but do not tell me to do that on something that I would rather write. I will never do a vlog when I can easily write a response from the privacy of my keyboard, away from the prying eyes of a judgemental audience. The word “multimodality” itself sounds ear-gratingly pretentious. I am not trying to argue against the advantages of multimodality; visual learners such as myself benefit most from it. However, I will not break my back over it

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  1. Austin Dewart
    April 3, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Multimodality (fuck all those syllables) doesn’t always have to be a challenge in regard to its nature. I think if anything, its how someone thinks and defines multimodality and being multimodal in terms of complexity and application. You can read a lot of academic journals or articles on the multimodality and feel like your conscious is buoying on the edge of somewhere between understanding and becoming completely lost within the subject matter entirely. I think especially when applied in the digital humanities, multimodality (seriously, too big of a word) is a lot more objective and pertaining to perspective on its worth and use than the actual facilitation and implicit definition of what it means to be multimodal in a simpler, much more definite comprehension.

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