English 341: It’s Like This

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Week 5: Reminders

Week 5: Reminders


Our reminders for Week 5

  1. Reading chapter 2 from Reading in the Wild for class tomorrow.
  2. Before tomorrow’s class (at least an hour before would be my preference), post a question/quote from Miller chapter 2 and a question that could guide discussion for your series book. Post in our G+ Community. Thanks to those of you who have posted already!
  3. Please make sure you have 1) your series book, 2) Reading in the Wild, and 3) a new book if you have finished the series book (perhaps your chapter book?) with you tomorrow. We’ll take 15 min or so to read.
  4. We’ll sit with our series groups again this week.
  5. On Thursday, bring your laptops. We’ll be posting in our Goodreads community.
  6. I’ll have updates about our 8th grade buddies. We start reading with them next week! We can also follow Beth’s class on Instagram: teachertales_108
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