Welcome to Reading Literature for Future Teachers! Links above for syllabus and other jazz.

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You'll have lots of choices with your book selections. Our goal will be to find books you like!

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We'll read, make, share, and play in this class. Looking forward to reading ALL THE THINGS!

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Jamie Elliott Blog 1

Hi everyone! My name is Jamie Elliott and I am a senior here at Chico State! I was born in Walnut Creek, but my hometown is Livermore, Ca. I am a liberal studies major, like most of you, and I am also minoring in Spanish. I recently got back from my semester abroad in Costa

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Crystal Arteaga Acevedo- Blog 1

My name is Crystal Arteaga Acevedo, I am from Southern California. I love coffee, the color green and tennis. I’ve had a huge passion for education ever since I can remember. I moved to California from Mexico in 2002. The learning challenges that I faced has made me want to work with ESL( English as

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Jenny Wasson: Spitting Riddles with Cinderella

Hello fellow English 341 students! My name is Jenny Wasson and I’m a junior here at Chico State. I’m in ITEC (Integrated Teacher Education Core) so I’m majoring in liberal studies with a minor in special education. I would really love to teach 3rd grade, I love that age and the material taught in that

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LGBTQ+ Stories

I any of you want to incorporate LGBTQ+ themes in your classrooms you should read The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived by Daniel Errico. The name is a link to a video of it. It is a cute story and it is only 8 minutes.

Williams Poem

Williams was sitting at his old, well-used, wooden desk the day after a soft storm.  He glanced out the window nearby and saw the weather-beaten chicken coop.  Next to it, a battered red wheel barrow.  It was a cold morning and he did not have much sleep.  His mind was not focused on writing.  Too

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Battle Bunny Day!

Little Golden books don’t stand a chance. ;-) Here’s a link to a great resource for teachers. Also, here’s some references for Remix culture: Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix Series Kirby Ferguson’s TED talk “Embrace the Remix” Lawrence Lessig’s TED talk “Laws That Choke Creativity”