Welcome to Reading Literature for Future Teachers! Links above for syllabus and other jazz.

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You'll have lots of choices with your book selections. Our goal will be to find books you like!

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We'll read, make, share, and play in this class. Looking forward to reading ALL THE THINGS!

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Williams Poem

Williams was sitting at his old, well-used, wooden desk the day after a soft storm.  He glanced out the window nearby and saw the weather-beaten chicken coop.  Next to it, a battered red wheel barrow.  It was a cold morning and he did not have much sleep.  His mind was not focused on writing.  Too

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Battle Bunny Day!

Little Golden books don’t stand a chance. ;-) Here’s a link to a great resource for teachers. Also, here’s some references for Remix culture: Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix Series Kirby Ferguson’s TED talk “Embrace the Remix” Lawrence Lessig’s TED talk “Laws That Choke Creativity”


So much depends upon…by bre

1.I think he sees a farm like setting,a hard days work and well, chickens. 2.I think he feels appreciative of the wheel barrow, and as if he had had a hard days work. He may also be feeling wet due to the rainy weather…oh, I also believe he feels appreciative. 3.i think the reasons why

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So much depends upon -Alyssa DeAnda

After reading this poem, I think that Williams was looking outside his window from inside his house on a rainy day. He steps outside to go check on the chickens. He notices small water droplets on the red wheel barrow leaned up against the chicken coop .   So much depends upon   a dog

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So Much Depends Upon (Tessa Burrone)

I think William is going outside after a rainy night to take care of his farm. Everything including the red wheelbarrow is still wet from the rain, but the chickens since they were roosted in their chicken coop stayed dry. I think, like most farmers would be, he was happy since we are in desperate

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Ashley Zerr Blog #10

1. In this poem I belive that William is picturing a old, rusty, red wheel barrel sitting on a farm near the chicken coops. It has just finished raining and everything, including the wheel barrel, is covered in little rain droplets. I think he felt relaxed and at home about what he was seeing because

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Leslie Eigle Blog Post #10

so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens I think what Williams sees as he captures the moment of a dripping wet, red wheel barrow next to white chickens is a memory. The poem is structured as if he is trying to describe what he physically sees

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BLOG #10 Jessica

When reading this poem I picture a farmer. I imagine this farmer has animals and crops that need his time and attention. The red wheel barrow represents the work this man puts into his life, the wheel barrow being glazed with rain water could be imagery for sadness or struggle. when reading this poem it

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Blog post 11/16

This is how I envision Williams saw in his poem: In this poem, Williams sees a backyard where the chicken coops rests. A new rain has laced the yard in liquid jewels. Tiny worms, brought to surface by the rain, have pushed their way through the soft dirt and now crawl around on its surface.

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Blog 10 William Carlos Williams Poem

so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens –William Carlos Williams I believe Williams is seeing what exactly is being described in this poem; a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. Williams’ feels dependent on this image. He is acknowledging its importance

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Blog 10: Williams

Poetry Respond to the following two prompts: Below is the poem by imagist poet William Carlos Williams. An imagist poem attempts to “capture the moment when a thing outward and objective becomes inward and subjective.” Given this understanding, respond to the following two prompts: 1. What do you think Williams sees in this poem (describe

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Max W, Butter

Hey Leslie, I am loving the book so far. I am really growing a liking for the professor because how nice he is to Butter and how he wants him to join the band because of how good he is. I think it is really sad that butter has made up his mind about killing

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