Why a good book is a secret door

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We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We can upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and artifacts here.


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Finishing strong…

Finishing strong…

Hello everyone,
I hope you got at least a couple of moments of down time last week. Here’s to a strong finish heading into the last couple of weeks!
  • We’ll have limited time to get ourselves organized tomorrow for Wednesday’s Gallery Walk, so I am sharing the Google Doc with our Gallery Walk information again HERE. Please check it out and remind yourselves about your job. Hoping you can come to class knowing your role. I’ll bring supplies like poster paper, pens, etc. Bring your student ID if you are the one checking out books for your group so you can go to the library during our class time (after we regroup). I’ll want to meet with the folks who are working on the slide deck with me during class.
  • Horacio (thank you Horacio!) created a flyer for our Gallery Walk; feel free to share with other faculty, friends, other future teachers or teachers you work with. Attached here as a pdf and here is a link as well: LINK HERE
  • Also, someone has one of the boxes for our Book in a Box project. Make sure to bring it to class tomorrow! I think we are down to just a couple of people who need the box. We’ll write a reflection next week and look at everyone y’all created all semester in the boxes.
  • Grade update is posted. We have about 85 points left to go this semester: Book in a Box, Gallery Walk day, Make 6, Reflection & Manifesto, and a couple Goodreads posts if you’re playing along at home… 😉
You got this.
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow
Working with Comics/Images

Working with Comics/Images

Pages from El Deafo by Cece Bell. Click here to enlarge.

Here are some links for class today that we can try out:


Ideas for comics:

A day in your life as a college student…

How you imagine your first day as a teacher…

Try making some new frames that you would add to your graphic novel or other books you’ve read: what would it look like to add yourself to a character in the book? Or a new ending? Or a new chapter?

The story of your birth and name

The story of you as a reader…

Other ideas?

Goodreads links again (add and write a brief summary of free verse and graphic novel)


Our class group on Goodreads 


We talked about y’all having a choice in this next Make: you can use your free verse novel (The Crossover, Inside Out & Back Again, Mary’s Monster, OR Brown Girl Dreaming) OR your graphic novel (Smile, El Deafo, The Best We Could Do, OR Pashmina). You can even combine the ideas: create a comic from your free verse novel or turn your graphic novel into free verse… or other ideas you have.