English 341: It’s Like This

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Syllabus & Book Selections

Syllabus & Book Selections

ENGL 341: Reading Literature for Future Teachers
Fall 2017
Dr. Kim Jaxon
Section 03: TR 12:30-1:45 in ARTS 112

Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:00-4:00 and by appointment (ARTS 262)
Email: kjaxon@csuchico.edu
Email for sharing Google Docs: kjaxon@mail.csuchico.edu
Twitter: @drjaxon

Course Description

This course is required of all Liberal Studies majors. As the title of the course, “Reading Literature,” suggests, students will read an array of literary genres, including short stories, novels, poetry, and drama. Students will also read books and articles by teacher-researchers about reading pedagogy. By the conclusion of the term, students will be able to read a wide array of literary texts, both those written for adult readers and those written for younger readers; students will be able to identify literary devices and consider their effects; students will be able to select literature for children to read and develop teaching plans to help students read literary texts with understanding and pleasure. Students will demonstrate their learning through successful presentations/performances, group projects, and written/visual assignments. This course addresses the literary study areas specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing as requirements for multiple-subject teachers: literary concepts and conventions; literary genres; interpretation of literary texts.

Required Texts:

There are 8 books total you’ll need for the semester. The good news: all but one text are children’s books and I tried to make selections that you could keep for your future classrooms. I am hoping you’ll start to build your class library. Total cost is around $75, but feel free to check out from library, swap books, etc.  But, you must have the books so you can participate (ebook is fine if you prefer). You’ll also notice a lot of choices in book selection: my mission is to support you as you find books you like to read. *Note: I do not use the Chico State bookstore for book orders. You can find some of these texts at the used bookstore downtown, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the Chico State library, etc. 

  1. Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer’s Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits by Donalyn Miller
  2. One Series Study book choice (see options below)
  3. One Chapter Book choice (see options below)
  4. One Novel in Poetry or Verse (see options below)
  5. One Graphic Novel (see options below)
  6. One YA Novel book choice (see options below)
  7. One picture book (I’ll explain in class)
  8. One chapter book TBA (selected by middle school students at Palm Desert Charter Middle School)

Series Study: choose ONE book from the series choices below

Chapter Book: choose ONE from list below (The selections are from Newbery Winners and Honor books)

Novels in Poetry & Verse: choose ONE from list below

Graphic Novel: choose ONE from list below

YA Novel: choose ONE from list below

In the first week of class, you’ll let me know your text choices by filling out our book form: HERE

 Your Grade (see Assignment tab for full descriptions)

Discussion Questions (4@5 points each; 1@10points; 30 points): every other week, we’ll post questions and share passages/quotes we like related to our reading in a shared space. 

Picture Book Presentations (20 points): in trios, you’ll do a short presentation about a picture book author.

Reviews on Goodreads (5@5 points each: 25 points)

Featured Blogger (25 points): one time during the semester, you will be asked to blog about our work and reading in the course: a summary and reflection on our activities. 

Makes (5@10 points: 50 points): we will create artifacts based on the book club books you are reading. Artifacts can be created individually or in teams.

Reflection and Manifesto (30 points): we will end the semester with a teaching reading manifesto and a reflection on what we’ve learned about the teaching of reading in our course.

Total: 180

A note about attendance: This class is highly participatory and we need each other to do the work of the class. For this reason, you can miss 4 times (I don’t distinguish between excused and unexcused). After four, you cannot pass the course.

I look forward to reading together this semester!

Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live, and believes this may affect their performance in the course, is urged to contact the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry. Furthermore, please notify the professor if you are comfortable in doing so. This will enable her to provide any resources that she may possess. You can find many, many campus resources HERE too.

Americans with Disabilities Act

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability or chronic illness, or if you need to make special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible, or see me during office hours. Please also contact Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) as they are the designated department responsible for approving and coordinating reasonable accommodations and services for students with disabilities. ARC will help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide you further assistance with requesting and arranging accommodations.

Confidentiality and Mandatory Reporting

As a Chico State professor, one of my responsibilities is to help create a safe learning environment for Chico State students.  It is my goal that you feel able to share information related to your life experiences in classroom discussions, in your written work, and in our one-on-one meetings. I will seek to keep information you share private to the greatest extent possible.  However, I am required to share information regarding sexual misconduct with the University.

Students may speak to someone confidentially by contacting the Counseling and Wellness Center (898-6345) or Safe Place (898-3030).  Information about campus reporting obligations and other Title IX related resources are available here: www.csuchico.edu/title-ix

Mechoopda Acknowledgement

CSU, Chico stands on traditional Mechoopda Indian tribal lands. Without them and other native peoples, we would not have access to this campus or our education.