English 341: It’s Like This

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Week 6: All the Things

Week 6: All the Things

Friendly reminders for week 6:

Please bring a laptop tomorrow, and really, every timeĀ (or let me know and I’ll grab one for you).

Tuesday (9/26), we’ll give feedback on our makes, read our chapter books, look over the books we’re reading with the 8th graders, and join the platform we’re working with for Beth’s class (called Padlet...yes, one more site to join and keep track of. You. got. this.).

Thursday (9/28) we need laptops too since we’ll be responding to your 8th grade partners. Such excite!

In a nutshell for this week:

1) bring laptop

2) bring chapter book

3) Kim brings new books to class and we pick 1st/2nd choices

8th Grader’s book choices:

When ready, give me your choices here


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