Picture by picture

Before reading Smile, I had no experience reading graphic novels. I just thought comic books were the only things that had frame by frame pictures, and I wasn’t about to sit down and read a comic book. I was pleasantly surprised by how the book read. I found myself looking at the pictures first and then reading the story, it was such a fun and easy read. Even though it gave you the pictures there were still parts where you could use your imagination and add in your own ideas. I feel like graphic novels are a great way for students who don’t particularly enjoy reading to see how fun it can be, because reading with pictures is still reading! I will definitely be using them in my classroom.

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  1. Elissa Zucchi Elissa Zucchi

    I definitely agree with never having read a comic before myself, I was pleasantly surprised! I wish I would have found books like this when I was younger because I was definitely that kid who didn’t like reading, and I am a visual person. I will find a way to incorporate books like this in my future classroom and I want those kids who were like me and like what you stated to “see how fun it can be!”

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