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Anya’s Grafik Novel

Anya’s Grafik Novel

Aside from the semi-abrupt ending, this book was really really awesome! Unlike the other books we’ve read in class, this one had pictures with little to no color. Which I though was going to be an obstacle, but instead the lack of color helped capture the facial expressions and gestures in a much clearer way. I remember reading Maus in middle school–which also lacked color–and absolutely loving it! The emphasis on facial expressions wasn’t as great in Maus, but somehow the photos really helped tell the story.

I have found that reading graphic novels helps me to really understand what the author wants the reader to get from their writing. I enjoy using my imagination, but sometimes knowing the direction the author wants you to go is nice.

A couple ways you could use graphic novels in the classroom would be, acting out some of the scenes could be a nice way to bring these books to life, but also having your students make their own comics would be really fun and would allow them to be creative. There is so much you could do with graphic novels!!

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  1. HI!
    I am so glad you mentioned the direction of the author. I struggled for a long time with creating any image in my head besides what is offered, with my own graphic novel. But your comment really made me rethink. Not to struggle with creating my own image of the novel, but to accept the image the author is asking for us to know. Requesting us to accept what they are visualizing is a completely different idea than non-picture novels, but extremely interesting that the author has so much control over how we respond to their novel.
    sorry for the ramble, i just hadn’t thought of it that way.

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