English 341: It’s Like This

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Picture It !

Picture It !

A graphic novel such as Flora and Ulysses compare to other readings is much different. They provide you with pictures, so you are able to relate to what you are reading to an image. This can make it much easier to understand what is happening. On the other hand, other readings give you the chance to use your imagination and imagine everything such as the characters and the different settings. As a second language learner, I believe graphic novels can be a gateway for children who are learning English as a second language to experience reading in a different way. Graphic novels are almost like a picture book but with more reading, this can help students to develop their vocabulary. The different pictures can help the students gain a better understanding of what they are reading. The only experience I remember having of reading and seeing pictures is the Magic Tree House books, which had some pictures here and there. I can imagine using this drama, comics or graphic novels in the classroom as a way to introduce chapter books and novels into the class. As a second language learner, it was always difficult to understand the books I read, when I didn’t have someone to read to. There are words that sound the same in English and Spanish called cognates. Students who are learning English as a second language usually relate what they’re learning to their native language. Sometimes words would sound the same but they would mean something totally different. One example of the is embarrassed, as second language learner might related it to embarazada which in Spanish means pregnant. You can see the confusion these students may have trying to understand the story. But if a picture is provided portraying embarrassment then the students might be able capture a different meaning. I enjoyed reading the graphic novel and hope to incorporate it in my class someday.

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  1. I remember The Magic Treehouse books! What a flashback… I loved Flora and Ulysses. I agree with you in that graphic novels offers children an alternative and a gateway to more words. Graphic novels have just as much feeling and meaning as a book with all text. We just get to experience them differently.

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