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Beali Lopez- George

Beali Lopez- George

For this make i decided to create a short picture book. Creating this book was time consuming but very enjoyable. When i was finished I asked my roommates to read it. They lied how simple it was and although I am not good at drawing, they appreciated the effort. This is an activity that i would love to do with children. I would have the children create a book that has a message they would like to share with the class.

For my make I decided to make this group discussion with my friends where we each had to discuss our last date with someone. The trick here was that we couldn’t use he or she or any words that describe the gender. Doing this discussion was so hard because you couldn’t use certain words to describe our dates! The whole idea of this make was so that we understand how hard it can be for someone to talk about their prefences to certain people who don’t know you are gay or lesbian. Talking to co-workers or your peers about your dating experiences with others can make you feel uncomfortable if you haven’t came out to them just yet because you don’t know how they will react! In a way I feel that George had this same experience on how to come out to his friends and family. She was scared on how they would react and how they would take the situation.

Out of My Mind Make

Out of My Mind Make

I read the book, “Out of My Mind”, by Sharon Draper. The girl in the book had cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is affects body movement and muscle coordination. Because of this disorder, Melody, was not able to move, talk, or eat by herself. I tried to imagine a life where I wasn’t able to do tasks that I consider to be simple now. It was hard for me to even try to fathom how hard it must be to basically not have control over your own body the way you want to have control over it. I wanted to put myself in Melody’s shoes, so, I tried not speaking for a bit to see how hard it would be for her to communicate with other people. In the book, she had a communication board that had letters and some words that she might be important for her to use throughout the day on it. I made my own communication board for this experiment and this is what happened.


I didn’t speak for about 2 hours on Friday. This was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am a talkative person, so relying on my communication board to say what I needed to say was so restricting. I could definitely feel Melody’s frustration. I hung out with my friends that day, it was so weird for me because I tried to jump into their conversations, but the communication board was so limited, I eventually would just sit there and listen to everyone else talk. We went to eat and I had to order with my communication board, and that was different. The cashier just looked at me like I was crazy, but I was able to order the food I wanted.


In conclusion, I think this was a great thing to try out. It really helped me understand what Melody was going through a little bit more. I know, not speaking does not even come anywhere close in comparison to actually having cerebral palsy, but to not be able to speak was definitely a challenge for me. I think I take my ability to speak and move everyday the way I want to for granted. This made me a little bit more thankful that I am able to do these things everyday.


Below is my communication board.

It’s in the Stars

It’s in the Stars

Part of what I enjoyed most about Hello Universe was the character Kaori’s interest and belief in her psychic ability. It really seems like she’s just grasping at straws most of the time, but she does turn out to be right about a few things. She doesn’t believe in coincidences, it must be fate. She refers to astrology in the story and finds all of their astrological signs important in knowing about their character. So I looked up the constellations for Kaori, Virgil, and Valencia’s signs and drew them all together for Make 3.

I started with characterizations associated with each astrological sign. They fall in line with their actual characters for the most part! I then wrote the sequences of events that they each took place in that led to Virgil’s search and rescue and their eventual joining as friends. I’m not entirely happy with the outcome of this make. I think there could’ve been an easier and more simple way to do it. But I think it looks pretty good and I enjoyed looking up and drawing the constellations at least!

I Can

I Can


Out of my mind is about a girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy. For my make, one of my classmates came up with the idea of not talking for a day or however long we decide. And I must say, it was probably the most frustrating and sad 4 hours I had to endure. Oh man, what an eye opener it was for understanding someone with a disability… Let me begin by saying, be grateful that you, who is mostly likely reading this is able to read it and can function normally.

My experience:

Before I explain my experience, let me give you a quick rundown on the rules and guidelines I decided to follow. The first thing I did was made a diagram of a select amount of words that I could point with my finger to communicate with (see my blog post image). After making said diagram, there could be no adjustments made to it. Secondly, writing down something on a piece of paper is also forbidden. Thirdly, using my phone to text is also not allowed, however I can talk using memes (which was actually very fun). Now lets get to the main part!

So the first hour wasn’t to bad. I kept to myself and didn’t really “socialize” with anyone. I decided if I wanted to get results I needed to at least be in a social setting. My brother and his wife showed up for breakfast and I get my little paper handy. I walk up to my bro and point to the words “I, can, not, talk.” He then proceeds to ask me why I can’t talk, and so I point to the words “for, class.” Then he asks me for how long…. I don’t have anything on my paper to communicate time, so I just shrug my shoulders. I decide that while we are waiting for breakfast to maybe show my brother my new car. So I walk up to him with my keys and point out the window and he plays dumb acting like he doesn’t understand me. So then his wife tells him, I think he’s trying to tell you he wants to show you his new car. He responds “I know he is, but there is no point in going to look if he can’t answer the questions I want to ask him.” I knew what he meant and he was right, He wanted to know how much I got it for, how many miles, what am i going to do with my other car, but there was no way of communicating those things to him…

After the second hour, something strange happened. From not talking and just observing everyone, my sense emotions was heightened. It’s hard to explain, but I could tell my brother was very anxious about something. And then I noticed it in my dad as well! Something was bothering my dad… Personally I think it was because he was hung over from the night before, but I could tell something wasn’t sitting well with him. He looked rather fatigued. Well it turns out that on top of work stress, my brother was going to be having surgery on his shoulder Tuesday, which is why he was so anxious. As for dad, He did drink a lot last night, however he was not very hydrated and the dinner he had was taco bell. So from not having enough water paired with taco bell and booze, it makes sense he was as miserable as he looked. I just think it was really cool that I could key in so easily on it. It was just so frustrating though because there was no way of asking them. I had to find out as the day went on.

Another hard part was not being able to tell jokes. my mom was talking about sign language and i wanted so badly to tell her how HANDY it is. But I couldn’t. Another time, My brother asked how church was and my mom responded, but she left out the part that I thought was important which was about how the priest was talking about how we have to practice death! But again, I couldn’t. I just sat there, and listened. I got a text from my buddy asking me what I was up to. I sent him a meme of Patrick from Spongebob eating a bunch of hamburgers.

At about the 3rd hour I started to get really depressed, I wanted to show my brother my car, but I couldn’t. I wanted to tell a joke, but I couldn’t. I wanted to tell my mom how delicious the potatoes she cooked for breakfast turned out and use my manners and say thank you, or excuse me after I burped, but I couldn’t. That’s when I decided to go outside and wash my new car. While I was doing that, my buddy that messaged me happened to swing by. I took out my paper and showed him that I could not talk. Honestly, that stupid piece of paper was worthless. The only use I had for it was to tell people I couldn’t talk. Other than that, I didn’t use it for anything else. So my buddy hung out with me for a little bit while I washed my car. and he was just telling me about some cool things that happened but of course I could not respond. I signed to him telling him that we had leftover breakfast and to go get some. Thankfully he understood that. So after I’m done washing my car I go back inside and hangout on the couch. My mom is talking to my friend asking him what he wants to be for Halloween and he makes a comment on a costume that I had worn in the previous years, Then I hear my dad ask a question about the football game. I want so badly to tell him because I know the answer, but I can’t.

The hardest part for me though was I noticed that everyone stopped making eye contact with me. It was like I was there, but I wasn’t. Imagine if you were at your own funeral and everyone was talking about you, but there was no way of talking back to them. I decided to use the remaining minutes in my room by myself, that way I wouldn’t have to feel ignored and no one would have to worry about trying to talk to me. As I sit here with the final minutes of me not talking, I can’t help but reflect on Melody. I can’t help but think about anyone who has a disability or even people who are injured and to the extreme, vegetables. And what is weird is that even though my time is up now and I can talk, I don’t want to. I again think of Melody and start tearing up because I can almost feel her pain as she so badly wanted to tell her mom that the legos had led poisoning but she couldn’t. All she could do was cry…

I realize and feel so bad for these people that actually have to go through it that I feel ashamed for taking myself and what I can do for granted. This experience was defiantly an eye opener for me. My biggest takeaway from this experience is: Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do something, because there are people in the world like Melody who actually CAN’T. If I ask Melody to pick up a pencil and write, she physically can’t do it. Take care of your body and become what you want to be, because you can. It might take practice, It might take hard work, but in the end just remember that you can.

Helping children like Ada

Helping children like Ada

Throughout reading The War That Saved My Life, it was incredible to me to see Ada’s strength and growth, despite the incredibly abusive household she was raised in. Ever since birth, she has suffered from clubfoot, a deformity which can be, and is usually resolved at birth. Although Ada’s cruel lowlife mother leads her to believe she is incapable, simpleminded, and essentially worthless to society. Although in escaping from her prison of a home, Ada finds she is everything her mother said she is not, and so much more.

For this Make, our group decided to gather multiple resources to help children and young adults seek help if needed. We understand that most children either don’t realize they are being abused, or are unable to speak up for themselves if they are. Therefore, as teachers and instructors, it is important to have these contacts available if the student needs any help.

Download (PDF, 1.35MB)




For my make for George, I decided to used one of my art projects that I did in high school. The purpose of this project was to express who I was through phases and pictures that I felt represented me. In class we sat inform of the projector and had a big white sheet of paper behind us that would outline the silhouette of our upper body. We then had a partner trace our outline and once that was done we used magazines, paint, makers and just about anything we wanted to fill in our outlines with.

This project is a great way to have the students express themselves through art and create am imagine of who they are, they’re interest, where they came from and much more. It also gives the class the opportunity to meet one another and if this activity is done the first day of class there is a way to combine this with a role sheet and asking each student about the name they like to go by and their preferred pronoun. This way if it is okay with the student that name/pronoun can be used when signing their art piece.

P.S I am waiting to see if my mother can find my project so that I can post it on here.

Also, I also thought of two songs that I feel that George/Melissa would listen to.


Amreena Khan (KABOOM-Comic Fun)

Amreena Khan (KABOOM-Comic Fun)

For my chapter book Flora and Ulysses, I thought it would be a good idea to have my children create their own comic book/page with their favorite superhero. Since this book was all about superpowers which a squirrel possessed and comic reading, I think it is a great activity to tie in having completed the book.  I would ask them to create a little story by using bubbles to put in words and actions. Once completed I would have them all share their creation along with the story that goes with it. I also searched online and found templates to create a comic book or page which I think is pretty convenient to provide the templates to children of a lower grade just to make it a little easier. It would be interesting to see the different types of stories created, children can be creative in many ways.

For this make I created an action page.