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Picture by picture

Before reading Smile, I had no experience reading graphic novels. I just thought comic books were the only things that had frame by frame pictures, and I wasn’t about to sit down and read a comic book. I was pleasantly surprised by how the book read. I found myself looking at the pictures first and

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I am reading The Crossover for my verse book. This book is so interesting, I have never read a verse book before. It was a much easier read because it reads so quickly. The short lines and quick sentences are fun to read. Surprisingly you can get a lot of thought and emotion through writing

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Diary of a whimpy kid

A Diary for Everyone

I am reading Diary of a Whimpy kid series. Sadly, I never read these books when I was younger but I used to babysit these twins and they loved these books. They heard about them from their teacher. I read some of the first book with them before we saw the movie, they were so

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Reading Wildly

The Miller text had many insightful ideas, one that really resonated with me was the idea that wild readers are those who incorporate reading into their personal identities. Those people who don’t have to think about reading, they just sit down and do it because its a normal part of their day or routine. Miller

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Hi! Im Alex

My name is Alex Bungay, I am from Sacramento originally. I have lived in chico for 2 1/2 years now and I love it. This is my last semester! I have decided that I need a break from school for a semester so I am not going straight into the credential program. I don’t want

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