Why a good book is a secret door

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Brown Girl Dreaming

Brown Girl Dreaming

The book I chose was Brown Girl Dreaming. I think this is such a great book with a lot of emotional value placed into it. It’s about Jacqueline who’s growing up in segregated America. Her poetry describes the hardship you had to go through as a person of color in the 60’s. She provides with the reality of her family but also shows you the sweet moments she had.  One of the moments that really put an impression on me was when her father and mother would fight and finally, her mother left her dad. I feel that during that time things were harder especially for a single mother. I respect her mother’s bravery. I really enjoy the way this book was written. Poetry style but still having the chance to understand what’s going on. Each poem is focused on one certain thing but it continues the story from the poem that came before. I would use this book in the classroom by asking my students to start a journal but write each entry with a poem that tells a story. Over time the collection of poems will eventually form a story.


So much depends



Two circular



Staring not just

At you




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  1. This is my free verse novel too, I love this book too! It’s so real and so raw and I agree with what you said about the journal entries for students, that’s a beautiful way to get them involved with this novel. Great entry!

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