Why a good book is a secret door

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Blog 5

Blog 5

When I choose this novel, I first was intrigued when I read what it was about. Hà, a ten-year-old girl flees her home in Vietnam with her mother and brothers, to escape the Vietnam War and try to restart their lives in the United States. Although she escaped the horrors of the Vietnam war, Hà and her family struggle to find their place in the United States.

What I first loved about this novel was the pictures it makes you visualize and poems that appeared in it. Written as a series of short poems, it is a sparse and bluntly honest story of Hà and her journey to adapt into the american lifestyle. With this novel, it would be the perfect story for young children, because it would be super helpful as a way to give them insight on the world around them and the constant domestic wars all over the world. It also would give amazing help to the students who might have come over from over seas as well, as a way to get them and their fellow classmates comfortable with each other’s way of life.

so much depends


the bright warm


shinning through a

white window

showing the beauty

of the outside world

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  1. This book sounds like a good read! I think books like this one are very inspiring to young readers, especially readers who’s families are not from the United States. I can relate with those stories. It can give you an ease of mind, knowing you’re not the only one. I also enjoyed your poem!

  2. Seems like a pretty cool poem! I really like the idea of using this poem to tie in war and opening the students to what’s going on outside.

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