Why a good book is a secret door

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Amreena Khan (Inside Out and Back Again)

Amreena Khan (Inside Out and Back Again)

Part A)

For my verse book, I chose Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai. This story is about Ha` a ten year old who attends school, fights with her brothers and watches her papaya tree grow day by day. Her father who was in the Vietnamese navy has been missing. Due to the communists arriving and taking over she has to escape with her family leaving her Vietnam life behind. This is where the journey begins and Ha` escapes her homeland on a boat to a place filled with many hardships and new experiences. I really liked this book it reminds me of immigrants, and mothers who struggle and push their children to succeed and be thankful of things that are provided. I can relate to this book in a way because I moved to Pakistan when I was in 6th grade and leaving my life behind was a struggle, my mother and older sibling were there to help me slowly overcome the differences and adapt to the place. The written form as a poem and the simple telling of such an experience pulls the reader into the survival story which makes it fluent and easy to read. I really enjoyed this form of text and would definitely recommend it. I would use this story as a read aloud in my classroom. This book is great to use to set an example of things we may have to go through even though they are against our will.

Part B)

So much depends



The rising sun

For me to wander


little fingers

in my hand


walking towards

the road of success


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