English 341: It’s Like This

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Author: Brent White

Why is Storytelling Needed?

Why is Storytelling Needed?

Stories are meant to tell an important event, portrait feeling they have about their own life using life lessons that they feel are important, and also to teach one about tradition and the part it plays in people’s learning. I say people because stories, no matter how silly, are not just meant for children. Everyone can learn life lessons big or small at any time in your life, you’ll never know the things you don’t know so there will never be a time where there is nothing left for you to learn. And that the beautiful part about life, constantly learning and improving to make life enjoyable and safe.

When Robert Coles says, “The whole point of stories is not ‘solutions’ or ‘resolutions’ but a broadening and even heightening of our struggles.” he means that the ending of the story or really anything the main character does to resolve their problems really isn’t what is meant to be taken away from the experience. He wants the readers to dive deep into the true meaning behind the story, find the reason the story is being told in the first place. Plus who ever said that the best part of a book was the ending, clearly hasn’t read a good book that throws you into highs and lows like a wild and crazy roller coaster all throughout the middle of the book or story. 

Many different themes could come out of the way that you tell the little red riding hood story, whether it’s not to trust strange people on the road, not to stray from the path that you know, whether or not you should be a strong upstanding woman, and many other possibilities. The best part about a story is the parts that reach out to you and the parts you take on with you forever.




Brent White: What makes a reader?

Brent White: What makes a reader?

Hi guys! My name is Brent White. I’m a senior at Chico, and I’m studying to be a math and science elementary school teacher. I’m from the small town of Ripon, where they are literally known for two things, one being the giant water tower with Ripon written across in all caps, and the absurd amount of almonds that are grown in the town. In high school I was a three sport athlete, playing football for two years, cross country and soccer for one year each, but the sports I played the most were wrestling and track. Sports are super fun and a great way to get the wiggles out!


I never really saw myself as a reader until getting to college and realizing just how much we all have to read in our everyday lives. I feel like a “reader” can be anyone who is able to take in the information being provided to them. It doesn’t have to be physical books that their reading as long as there are words being read often, which honestly is pretty much unavoidable.