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Brent White: What makes a reader?

Brent White: What makes a reader?

Hi guys! My name is Brent White. I’m a senior at Chico, and I’m studying to be a math and science elementary school teacher. I’m from the small town of Ripon, where they are literally known for two things, one being the giant water tower with Ripon written across in all caps, and the absurd amount of almonds that are grown in the town. In high school I was a three sport athlete, playing football for two years, cross country and soccer for one year each, but the sports I played the most were wrestling and track. Sports are super fun and a great way to get the wiggles out!


I never really saw myself as a reader until getting to college and realizing just how much we all have to read in our everyday lives. I feel like a “reader” can be anyone who is able to take in the information being provided to them. It doesn’t have to be physical books that their reading as long as there are words being read often, which honestly is pretty much unavoidable.


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  1. That’s pretty sweet Brent! I’ve never heard of Ripon. I’m from a small town called Wheatlamd as well. As you know in living in a small town, everyone knows everything that goes on, so there’s no getting away with anything. What did you run in track?? That’s the sport I enjoyed the most. Also, I agree with you about being a “reader.” I think it’s important to discuss what was read though with someone too. Did you hear about the Nike ad with Colin Kaepernick? I think it’s super troll. Anyways, good to meet you virtually! And good luck in your future!

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