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A universe of friends to choose from

A universe of friends to choose from

When I think of middle school, I can’t help but think about how anxious and nervous I was to befriend others. Feeling unsure of what was to come felt nerve racking and scary at times, however the friends you make seem to pop up in your life even when you least expect it. Friendships with kids who live totally different lives to the one you are familiar to, these friendships are full of exciting new experiences that truly form you into the person you are. This book is about embracing your differences and sharing those interesting talents or interests that make you different. I feel that this book does a really great job giving readers an immersive experience into the mind of different kinds of middle school students. I also love how much story telling there is between Virgil and his Lola (grandma), expressing the importance of storytelling and what kinds of life lessons you can learn. I think that storytelling will be something I try to practice and do with my students and hopefully my own future children.

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  1. Cool summary. I think it’s pretty neat how these books put us into the perspective of other kids. It can be quite fascinating and can give us an idea of how to approach such different kids aswell.

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