Why a good book is a secret door

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Lessons to be learned

Lessons to be learned

The first book of the well known Lemony Snicket series, has been a refreshing revisit to the book series I adored as a middle school student. I think that a lot of people can learn independence from this series, the main characters, two sisters and a brother who were struck with tragedy and left to fend for themselves. This series is dark, mysterious, and forces the readers to hope that the lives of the children will get easier on them; which Lemony makes quite clear, will not be happening. I think that people of all ages who love a suspenseful and edgy book. Also I feel like this book shows that children are capable of far more than they may think, they’re imaginative and intelligent!

There are so many sources that we as teachers should provide children to get them excited to read and share reading experiences. I love that Miller explains the importance of reading out loud with students creating a reading enviornment for them. When I was a high school student, I don’t feel that I was really encouraged to read by teachers like I was when I was in elementary school, so I felt that it wasn’t really necessary to read for pleasure but this book is definitely disproving that thought.


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  1. I never enjoyed reading that much but,when I got into High School, it just made me not like reading even more… atleast when it came to the novels we were forced to read, like To Kill a Mockingbird for example. Pretty sure the only reading I did from that book was the back cover and spark notes if that counts xD But yes I agree! I dont remember getting any encouragement about reading.

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