What Even Is Life Right Now?

So, as  much as I enjoy creating blog posts for this class, I really didn’t want to do this one this week… I’m going to be very honest and say that I’m completely at a loss and I have no idea how to make sense of this multimodal stuff. All I know is that multimedia is a thing that deals with media and its creation. I’m not entirely sure either of how or what I am actually misunderstanding, or if its just the fact that I am disgustingly overwhelmed with this semester and I just want it to END.

Would it be bad if I ranted? I thought so.

So, I guess for this multimodal thing, I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t read Baron’s piece and I’ve only read bits of Shipka’s. I have a mountain of reading to do for one other class, but I suppose that isn’t my problem. I feel like reading for me since I began college has been a complete nightmare… I  never had this much trouble reading EVER until I started here at Chico state. It’s like I became illiterate overnight and whenever I read anything I read sooooo slow. I take probably 3 hours to read thirty pages and I cannot focus if my life depended on it. This strange issue has made it the absolute hardest for me this semester because reading…

I wasn’t going to rant but as a matter of fact, I did anyway.

Any way, so this multimodal business is interesting. In my times of photoshop and what I see happening with videos and media now these days, its incredible. I wish I was more attentive to all the changes that have been happening in the past 10 years, but it all happened so fast I couldn’t keep up. I love the idea of learning with different types of multimodal texts and modes because (especially for me) for people who just aren’t very good with the reading thing, I feel like using these tactics are exceptionally better to push out needed information and get it straight to the main point.

That is all I will say about this because I still have no clear sense…