It now makes sense…


For the purpose of this blog lets take it back to last semester, when I was taking English 276 and English 277.  In English 276, I was instructed to write ARPs(Analytical Response Papers) on certain week’s readings. I caught myself struggling when it came to analyzing tales from Chaucer to sonnets from Robert Herrick. That is why, I was constantly going to office hours before the assignment was due, to double check that I was on the right track or at least understanding the purpose of the assignment.

I was really committed to analyzing the readings because I knew that if I were to enhance my understanding of analyzing now, it would benefit me in the long run.

Two weeks after writing my first ARP, I was then instructed to write a blog from the readings we were currently doing in English 277. As I sat on my bed working on my blog, I was unaware that I was using the same method of analyzing that I did in my English 276 to my other course.  This method that I had improved in was becoming natural to me. Yes, most of us have done analyzing in high school. However, the feedback that I was receiving back from my Professor did not compare to high school. The time dedicated into analyzing line per line did not compare to high school.

Just like Kim said in class on Wednesday, we all have that semester(mostly your junior year) when we realize the connections in our courses and how everything seems to come together. Last fall was my junior year semester that I realized it all makes sense (and that too) *Laughing Out Loud*. When I received my feedback from my blog I was thrilled to know that I was enhancing my knowledge and that other Professors were noting it.


Now, how does this tie to the reading we were assigned to? Well, I do have to be honest that I actually enjoyed the reading. Yes, it was long and I found myself having to take a few breaks here and there…but overall I managed. In David R. Russell’s paper on, Activity Theory and Its Implications for Writing Instruction, he states, “As one becomes adept at more and more activities that require writing and hence at writing more genres, it is more likely( but no means certain) that one will be able to master a new genre/ activity that resemble features in a genre/activity one already knows”(Russell 11). I am not sure if I am hitting the ball right with this one but here it goes. From my understanding, the activities that I encountered myself with included blogging and writing ARPs. The features that resembled in each were analyzing a text. Although they were different in genres I was able to transfer and transform my knowledge to another activity/genre. Exposing my self to different activities helped me master another course.



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  1. Ruben Mendoza
    Ruben Mendoza
    February 13, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    As I was reading your article I could not agree more! I was thinking yup Gaby is right and I love her blog post. I completely understand that analyzing text can be an amazing experience once perfecting. However, the courses you mention both relate to English courses that are specifically tailored to your major. When students who are in high school or students taking freshmen composition, does analyzing text play a vital role in their success? I know that I have taken Erin Kelly’s course with you and her teaching students how to close read and analyze text has enhanced my life and writing skills. But for students majoring in engineering, mathematics, or physical therapy will have no purpose to read a literary text and analyze the crap out of it. There occupations do not rely on their reading ability of historic text, but aimed towards problem solving etc. Overall, there future academic courses will probably never have a text to analyze deeply to find the historic or hidden meanings. Usually with scientific text, the points needed in the text are in plain site. But I do agree that analyzing text is a skill that everyone should probably know, but I think should not be taught to students who will not apply it in their daily lives. I know many students from my work always tell me why in the hell am I re-reading things constantly or annotating the text thoroughly. And I realized because I am a damn English Major and it is required to fully understand the text. I know this composition stuff is super complex and teaching or tutoring composition is hard as fudge! lol! I loved your blog! Also, you need to teach me how to add hyperlinks!

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