Author: Ginamarie Wallace

Interpretative Dance to Show Our Experiences with Writing? Challenge Accepted!

When we discussed Wiley’s “The Popularity of Formulaic Writing (and Why We Need to Resist)” in-class I was very interested in asking my group about their experiences with this horrid “5 paragraph essay” that I have discussed many times in classes but that I myself had never been taught.  I found out that most students who learn the 5 paragraph… Read more →

Meta-Terms: Writing as Process

My theory of writing is what I would consider rather straightforward as far as theories go.  Writing is not something that there is one “good” standard that everyone can be held up against.  I think that writing is a long process and that every step (and even the number of steps) per person, per assignment or task, per context, etc.… Read more →

Me, Myself, and My Literacies

Hello, I am Ginamarie! After receiving my B.A. in English Studies here at Chico State in the fall of 2015 I began the Master’s Program in the Literacy and Language pathway and working towards my Certificate in Teaching College Writing.  My ultimate goal is to one day be a composition teacher at a 2-year college.  I am currently the VP… Read more →