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Graphic Novels are more than good….. they’re GREAT

Graphic Novels are more than good….. they’re GREAT

Reading a graphic novel was different than any other reading we have done in class, because there is pictures to go with the words you are reading. It helps solidify the story the author is trying to convey to the reader. This was the first time I have had experience with graphic novels and wish they were more readily available to me in the past. I hated reading and would avoid it at all cost growing up. I feel that if I had been introduced to graphic novels I might have enjoyed reading a little more. I also enjoyed the pictures, because I didn’t have to question what was going on. If I didn’t understand the words, I had pictures; if I didn’t understand the pictures I had words. This graphic novel changed how I read, because I found myself over looking the page before I actually read it to get a good idea what was going on. I would use the graphic novel “Smile” for middles school girls transferring to high school, going through puberty, and having issues with friends. I would use a variety of other graphic novels in a classroom for kids who don’t take to reading and prefer a visual to understand the book on another leave. I loved reading this graphic novel and look forward to using them in my classroom in the future.


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  1. I too would use graphic novels in my classroom for the students that do not care for reading very much. I think it is important to introduce something to your students that they might relate to better, or actually enjoy reading before introducing big chapter books, or even any other book. I’m glad that you found something that you actually enjoyed reading– not only because it is important to be able to introduce books to your students that you actually like, but it is important for yourself to actually enjoy what you are reading!

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