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Poem book

A) When I first started “ Inside Out & Back Again” I was a little confused. It took me off guard that a story was written in a poem. Shortly after, I realized I really liked this format. Like I have mentioned before, I hate reading. This format was awesome, because I got to read

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Reading for life!

My take away from the book so far is that we are teaching kids to read, but not teaching them to read for life and love reading. Donalyn Miller makes a great point that teacher’s care about students reading now, but not so much in the future, I thought that was really insightful. I also

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Taylor Staas Thoughts

My name is Taylor Staas! I am from Wheatland, a small town about an hour and 15 minutes south of Chico, and love it there. I am a transfer student from Yuba Community College. I was at Yuba College for three years and graduated with an associate in social and behavioral science. This is my

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