English 341: It’s Like This

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Reading Wildly

Reading Wildly

The Miller text had many insightful ideas, one that really resonated with me was the idea that wild readers are those who incorporate reading into their personal identities. Those people who don’t have to think about reading, they just sit down and do it because its a normal part of their day or routine. Miller also spoke about how in her classroom all her students were readers because she made that environment but once they left the class some of them didn’t stay that way. As a future teacher I want all my students to want to read and look forward to it because I know it took me a long time to love to read. I know it is not easy to want to read if you are being forced, so I want to teach my students that reading is wonderful. I hope I can inspire my students to be readers and they can continue on in life as wild readers.

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  1. I defintely agree with what you wrote about how you want your future students to love reading. That part in Miller’s text resonated with me as well. I remember feeling like reading was such a task and not enjoyable when I was younger and I don’t want my students to feel the same way. As future teachers I think we will be able to put a positive attitude on reading in our classrooms!

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