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Hi! Im Alex

Hi! Im Alex

My name is Alex Bungay, I am from Sacramento originally. I have lived in chico for 2 1/2 years now and I love it. This is my last semester! I have decided that I need a break from school for a semester so I am not going straight into the credential program. I don’t want to already be over school when I start a new program. I am currently working at Dutch Bros here in chico and I love it.

A reader to me, is someone who takes time to sit down and thoroughly enjoy a book on a regular basis. We read every day but reading a sign or even a text book, to me, does not make you a reader. Having the thirst and drive to sit and then actually finish a book is who I would consider a reader to be.

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  1. Hi Alex! I’m Elissa Zucchi! How exciting is it that it is your last semester… taking a break between graduating and the credential program sounds really nice. How are you thinking of spending it?
    I am currently a junior and I am planning on doing my credential somewhere near my hometown like Cal State East Bay, San Jose State or Saint Mary’s. Are you planning on staying in Chico for the credential program?
    Kim is making me stop writing… Excited to be your blog partner! Talk to you soon, byeeeeee

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