Why a good book is a secret door

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Makayla Harrigan: Caught in the Middle

Makayla Harrigan: Caught in the Middle

Enchanted Air is a memoir of a girl, Margarita, who is split between two places, Cuba and the United States. She struggles to find the balance between her two worlds, and it only worsens as revolution breaks out in Cuba. Margarita finds herself asking why the two worlds must even be so separate. This book is written through a series of poems. I enjoy reading it this way because I feel that the way it is written can cause the reader to slow down and put more emphasis on certain parts–almost creating an atmosphere of its own as you read. This book would be a great starter to discuss multiple subjects in a classroom. For example, it might lead the way into a poetry unit or to discuss hispanic culture.



so much depends



eyes open wide

to see


a dancing tree

swaying in the wind


a bounding horse

flying across an open field


a girl with wings

to take her anywhere she dreams




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  1. I agree with you that this book is a good discussion starter especially if the class room Is fueled with kids that can relate to the text.

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