English 341: It’s Like This

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Erik Sagrero – The Crossover

Erik Sagrero – The Crossover

Two parts to the blog this week:

  • For my free verse book I selected The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. The Crossover is about a young basketball player named Josh Bell (aka Filthy McNasty) that’s explaining his life the only way he knows how, which is through rhymes and playing ball. This book would work as a great example to show students different examples of poem styles. One thing that I’m enjoying about this book is the way Kwame brought together popular culture, sports, and poems together so smoothly. The rhyme scheme and overall structure of the book had an entertaining effect on how one should read the book and which lines to add extra emphasis on. The way Kwame structure his sentences is different because he uses different fonts . A part in the book that I enjoyed was:

Filthy McNasty

is a MYTHical MANchild

Of rather dubious distinction



and ELEVATING his game

He dribles


then takes

the ROCK to the

glass, fast and on BLAST…


  • so much depends



power and wealth



some have lost



It’s sad but



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