English 341: It’s Like This

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Eye Love Lemony Snicket

Eye Love Lemony Snicket

For my make on the book, Series of Unfortunate Event – Lemony Snicket, I did a drawing of the eye that appears on almost every part of the house where Count Olaf lived. This took me awhile but I loved how it turned out. I really liked the book because it was different from most children’s book. It displays that adventure isn’t always happy. Most children’s book is painted by happy endings all the time and life isn’t necessary that. Lemony Snicket wasn’t afraid to portray the bad and the wrong. I love that about Lemony Snicket where he sees things from a different perspective and isn’t scared to show it. He reveals that these poor innocent children are brilliant and adaptive to whatever surrounding and situation that their so called uncle puts them in. I just love the children in here and they have different characteristics. I would definitely pick up the rest of the series to see how everything plays out.

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