English 341: It’s Like This

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Author: Ntxiag Thor

Blog 6 & 7

Blog 6 & 7

Blog 6:

After navigating through the website, I chose the Diamond Bookshelf. At first I was a little confused by the website. Regardless, I explored it more and found a lot of resources. There is information regarding new graphic novels and news dealing with graphic novels. I also found suggestions for graphic novels. There are also many lesson plans that are detailed and for a variety of ages.

My book was The Best We Could Do. Reading this book concluded that wherever we are, the path that we chose will always be a bumpy road but the end can result in a prosperous reward. Life may seem tough but we all just have to put in all our effort into everything we do.

When reading a graphic novel, I read it like to how you would read a book. The way I read graphic novels is by going through it one panel at a time. I usually start with the dialogue and then the pictures. One thing I do differently is that I will often go back to the top of the page before continuing on, to look back at the pictures just to see what I’m missing. I often feel that I can better understand the pictures that were at the beginning so I can comprehend what is going on in the book. I would like to discuss with other how they read graphic novels and why. Trying a new method could lead to opening up more doors to learning and understanding.


Blog 7:

On page 166, the teacher asks students to pick their favorite genres of books. I think giving students the option makes the students a little more successful. I would love to allow my students to read what they desire to.

I like to read outdoor books. Sometimes I’ll read about survival books or even guides outside of the house. It contains so much knowledge and is quite interesting to me.  I love knowing how to make a handmade fishing pole or trap. It proves that I love being outdoors than being stuck in the house all day.

The main character in the novel “The Best We Could Do” by Thi Bui. As an adult, Thi wants to be more emotionally close to her parents. After a trip to Vietnam in her twenties, she begins researching her family history and asks her parents about their lives in Vietnam. She begins to trace back history through the birth stories of each of her parents’ children, including two babies who died. She then remembers her early childhood in America and the difficult relationship she and her brother had with their father who was a stay-at-home dad. She remembers their family home as a place that embodied the frustrations and challenges of being an immigrant in a new country. When she was a child, her father was a frightening figure. To better understand him as an adult, she asks him about his past. The story goes into talking about the difficulty of Bo’s background story and Ma’s background story and how they had to learn new ways to cope in America

I think “The Best We Can Do” is such an important story, especially with how corrup the world is. This book means a lot especially due to the fact of hardship and adaptation. It takes so much for some to understand the foreign land they are in and especially have to go through such tragedies in life.

Walking In Their Shoes

Walking In Their Shoes

Inside Out and Back Again was a book that I relate to quite well. The idea of this book correlates to family and how they survived as a group. A community can get through hardships as long as everyone puts in the effort to carry the weight. An individual is more likely to give in and submit because they feel like they are all alone. On the other hand, a group can cheer the individual up or talk them out of it and motivate them to get back up on their feet again. Just like in a classroom, everyone feels like they are all alone. The kids come from different backgrounds and stories. For the lesson plan that I chose to do, I wanted to involve them to get to know each other and allow one another to share.

The lesson plan starts with the kids writing a poem about who they are. This lesson plan would be ideal for 4th-6th graders. It would be executed the first week of school, if not the first day of class. For example, they could write where they are from, what ethnicity they fall in, how many siblings they have, favorite colors/TV shows, etc.  When they are done with their poems, I would have them get in a group to share their poems with each other. This would cover the Common Core of Language Arts by having them write and combine words into a sentence to create a poem. It would also make up the speaking and listening engagement portion of the Common Core by doing the group/one-on-one discussion by sharing their poems. Afterward, I would have them find a commonality with each other and explain why they like it. After giving some time, I would assign them a project of doing a paragraph or two about an interesting fact they learned about each other. This covers the Common Core of Language by being able to demonstrate their writing ability in grammar usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

I imagine this taking place in a classroom where the kids feel safe since they would be spending the year with the peers they shared their poems with. As far as materials, only a piece of paper and a pencil. The goal I have in mind for this lesson plan is to allow the kids to comprehend that they can play with words by combining them and adding them onto a sentence to create a poem. They can rhyme or they can take their time, but in the end, this allows the kids to engage with the tools they need to achieve in higher education by learning to improve their English writing skills such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and/or capitalization.


Walking in Someone Else’s Shoe

Walking in Someone Else’s Shoe

My free verse book is Inside Out and Back Again. I wanted to read this book because of how relatable it is to how my parents came to be in the United States. The stories that my mom would tell me always included them running away as refugee and coming to the United States to start a new chapter in their lives. This book definitely covers the idea of how they managed to keep up with life even though it seems to get tougher and tougher as the days goes by. I love how it comes the kid’s perspective and she see’s herself smart when she was given money to buy groceries and made a little adjustment to buy all of the neccessary items at the market. It reminded me of the idea that I when I was given money, I would make sure to have enough to buy myself something as well.  It was like a treat for doing a small minor errand for my mom. I loved every moment of this book. How ups and downs it would have and the hardships the family went through. Family is important as well as a place we call home. No matter where we are and how far we are, we will always have a place that we call home.

Hello Universe

Hello Universe



For our make as a group project, we decided to explain a little bit about the characters. This book has allowed me to see that when a group of friends go through a set of hardships, they grow stronger together. I was once that kid who went through things that I never thought would make my friendship better. I always thought that things happen for a reason but in the moment, I could never realize why. This makes me see that when the world gives you lemon, you cut it open and share the slices with your friends so you all can make lemonade out of it. Add some sugar and salt to make the lemonade to your liking because in groups, friendships are hard to come by but when the opportunities to befriend with someone comes through, they are the loyal ones and are always there for you through thick and thin.

Hello Universe

Hello Universe

This book definitely defines what it means to be different. The characters varied from one another and it it a way connects them all as one. I remember being in middle school and not knowing anybody. I was the new kid in the school and I had a tough time fitting in. After a few days, a boy came up to me and introduced himself. He was this loud and confident kid that wasn’t afraid of embarrassing himself. He told me he was shy at first but now he didn’t care what others think of him. He just wanted to live his life to the fullest. Days later, we became friends but I was still this shy person, not being able to talk to my classmates. A new kid showed up in class couple weeks later and this student was easily approachable but didn’t talk very much. He was absolutely smart and funny. The only thing was he didn’t talk very much even though I asked him a bunch of questions. Not long after, us three became friends within a month. I didn’t think too much about it until I realized we all were different in every way. One of my friend was loud and confident; he wasn’t scared of anything at all. I always wanted to be like him, confident and not be so shy around people. On the other hand, my other friend was approachable but wouldn’t go up to someone to talk to them unless they went up to him instead. It wasn’t like he was shy but he just didn’t have anything to talk to them about. He was smart and was really good at test and quizzes. He would always stay home and study while me and my other friend went out to play basketball or ride our bikes around the neighborhood. We all were so different yet we were best friends to this very day. It’s not that we grew up together tolerating each other, it was more like we all were connected. The friendship we built was based on supporting each other when needed. I would pick up the slack between us three when required while they did the same for me. It was like no other friendship I ever had, and possibly will ever have. They may not like the same thing I like to do, but it doesn’t matter, friendship is special and a unique way to explore this vast universe of ours together.

Eye Love Lemony Snicket

Eye Love Lemony Snicket

For my make on the book, Series of Unfortunate Event – Lemony Snicket, I did a drawing of the eye that appears on almost every part of the house where Count Olaf lived. This took me awhile but I loved how it turned out. I really liked the book because it was different from most children’s book. It displays that adventure isn’t always happy. Most children’s book is painted by happy endings all the time and life isn’t necessary that. Lemony Snicket wasn’t afraid to portray the bad and the wrong. I love that about Lemony Snicket where he sees things from a different perspective and isn’t scared to show it. He reveals that these poor innocent children are brilliant and adaptive to whatever surrounding and situation that their so called uncle puts them in. I just love the children in here and they have different characteristics. I would definitely pick up the rest of the series to see how everything plays out.

Why Does Bad Thing Happen to Good People?

Why Does Bad Thing Happen to Good People?

I loved how in the Miller textbook, it revealed how she said that reading made her become a better teacher. I understand completely with her because as we improve our vocabulary options, we are more educated in different type of word usage and able to comprehend a lot more when it comes to reading. I believe that kids should never read for more than 20 minutes straight because I can’t even do it myself and I’m an adult. Kids need to be able to build up to that amount of reading and plus I think they learn more when they are not forced to do something or an intensive reading where they eventually lose focus. I often find myself reading and not gather any information because I have been reading for a decent amount of time and I would have to reread all over again to comprehend what I just read. This may help them build up the stamina to not only read for a significant amount of time but also allows them to pay attention in class and not doze off while in they miss out on important information and knowledge.
Snow White – Natalie & Ntxiag

Snow White – Natalie & Ntxiag

Snow White – Natalie and Ntxiag

Ms. Snow White, pretty as can be

Can’t you see

Her lips are red as blood

Hair black as the night

Eyes like sapphire

That twinkle like a gem

Skin as pale as the falling snow

Upon her window, she gazes

Wondering upon her freedom

Pretty little girl

Fairest of them all


We decided to do Snow White to represent our fairy tale character and theme, our character is being based off of Natalie to portray this princess. We will use a picture of her to create our Snow White. “Everything in our poem matches my features except, we decided to give a twist to my eye color, and use sapphire for the shade of my eyes.”

“I love to wear red lipstick, my hair is super dark, and I have milky light skin, am often told that I remind people of Snow White. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to work at Disneyland and work as a princess. The princess I wanted to be was Belle, but I was told I should be Snow White because of my physical features.” – Natalie

In my classroom, I would have the kids write about who is their favorite fairytale character(s) . I want to achieve in revealing kid’s creativity, imagination, and intellectual mind. I believe that since they are the next generation and that I want to see a change in the world, it would start with me. – Ntxiag

In my future classroom, if I did a fairytale section, for one of my activities, I would have my students write a poem or a story about themselves. I would encourage them to pick any fantasy story and turn it  into their own story about themselves. – Natalie