English 341: It’s Like This

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Case File: Dwight Tharp

Case File: Dwight Tharp

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda¬†is a case file consisting of personal accounts of Dwight and Origami Yoda from various kids attending McQuarrie Middle School. They all have their personal opinions on Dwight and whether they think Origami Yoda is a higher power fueled by the Force, or just Dwight which seems nearly impossible to them. I made a case file specifically on Dwight made up of the other students thoughts on Dwight and things they know about him. I think it went pretty well! About halfway through though, I was getting frustrated about their opinions on him and their belief that there’s no way it was him, when it obviously was. So I thought something a teacher could do is have their class make up a case file based on their personal opinions and observations. Mine personally would be more like Dwight is a hilarious, eccentric kid that only wishes the best for others in the end. I was able to draw the conclusion from this Make Cycle that Dwight uses Origami Yoda as a way to talk to other kids and make friends while still being able to be his weird, yet awesome self that they weren’t ready to accept. That could be useful in a classroom setting and you could also do one on Origami Yoda as well as the other characters in the story!

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