English 341: It’s Like This

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Alternate Ending – Cyrill Somera

Alternate Ending – Cyrill Somera

I love the Unfortunate Events series as much as I did when I was younger even now. I absolutely enjoy how suspenseful and mysterious the books are. Reading it now, I did notice something pretty cool about the books. When Snicket uses an unusually large word in his writing, he defines in shortly after. This is such a great thing to incorporate in children’s books so readers don’t just skip over the new word, they can actually learn what it means and maybe even be familiar enough with it to use it everyday. It is so important to find new and fun ways to teach students new vocabulary. For my make, I thought it would be fun to write an alternate ending to the first book using a couple of the new words I learned. This is a fun way to get students to be creative, but to also expand their vocabulary in a very fun and interactive way.


Violet had outsmarted Count Olaf. Her adroit thinking ruined his plans for the fake marriage, which turned out to be really fake. Everyone was absolutely outraged. Mr. Poe came running to the stage to take away the Baudelaire children. The three of the ran to Mr. Poe in relief.


“Children, you are not to stay with this evil Count Olaf any longer, I must find you a new place to live imediately. I’m sure you have had such a deplorable time here. I am so very sorry,” coughed Mr. Poe.


The children were so relieved to hear Mr. Poe say that. Next thing they saw was the police running all over the theater trying tot catch Count Olaf.


Justice Strauss suddenly came running up to the three children.


“I am so sorry to not have been aware of such an evil plan. If I had known what COunt Olaf was up to, I wouldn’t have agreed to be apart of any of it!”, explained Justice.


“It’s okay, you had no idea,” reassured Violet still thinking about where they would all have to live now.


Finally, Count Olaf had relinquished himself to the police and they took him to the station immediately. The Baudelaire children never had to worry about him ever again.


Just when things were starting to get better, something even more amazing happened.


“So, I’m guessing you children need a place to stay. Well, I did say you three were welcome in my home whenever you wanted and I have such a big library filled with books of all kinds and a garden full of plants I think I need help watering.”, said Justice Strauss to the children. The children waited for her to finish before they spoke.


“What I am trying to say is that, I would love it if you guys would come to live with me.”, finished Justice.


The three children had the biggest smiles on their faces.


“We would love that Justice!” exclaimed Klaus.


“Thank you so much!”, said Violet as she went in for a hug.


Sunny was so happy she was just making the happiest noises.


“Well, I guess it all worked out for you children anyway. I’m sure Justice Strauss will be a much better guardian for you children.”, said Mr. Poe.


The children were filled with so much joy. They haven’t felt this happiness since the passing of their parents. The Baudelaires could not wait to start a new chapter of the now, peaceful lives.

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